Apple Pencil Tips – How to Pair, Use and Troubleshoot

Apple Pencil is the iPad Pro’s first stylus for drawing, drafting, and note-taking. However, it is more complex than the simple look of this stylus. Nevertheless, you can get the most out of it by knowing how the Apple Pencil works and some simple tips to create a flawless art piece.

All the Apple iPads work with Apple Pencil regardless of their generation. It looks like a traditional Pencil and has a replaceable tip connecting to the iPad’s screen.

In addition, to use for navigation, it is great to get better precision in writing and drawing. Also it makes the iPads best for Procreate artwork and designs. The palm rejection and pressure sensitivity give a writing-on-paper feeling. That is why many architects prefer the combination of Apple iPad and Pencil to work effortlessly with its smooth and consistent strokes.

When we failed to find any other stylus to replicate Apple Pencil, we tried to uncover the inside technology. Also, we created this easy-to-understand infographic for a layman. In the end, you will be able to deal with your Apple Pencil like a pro.

How Does an Apple Pencil Work?

The iPad surface collects the tracking, pressure, and tilt angle data when the Apple Pencil touches it. Then it responds to show you the output.

Pen Path Recognition

The iPad surface traces the movement of the Pencil or your finger. It scans 240 times per second and records the location to show you the ultimate stroke result. You get more detailed and accurate results working with a stylus instead of a finger because it scans the Apple Pencil twice than fingers.

Pressure Sensitivity

With pressure sensitivity, the iPad surface creates the width of the strokes according to the power used to press the stylus. It happens when the Apple Pencil measures the axial and radial pressure and sends the processed data to the tablet.

Tilt Sensitivity        

Through tilt sensitivity, the stylus measures its orientation on the iPad surface. And then the tablet creates the width and darkness of the line with the help of data collected and processed by the stylus.

How to Pair iPad and Apple Pencil

It is not the case that you just unpacked the new Apple Pencil and started creating on iPad. It can only unlock the world of features when perfectly paired with the tablet.

Pairing 1st Generation Apple Pencil to iPad

Firstly, unlock your iPad. After that, you have to take off the cap of the Apple Pencil and plug it into the lightning connector. Then, tap on the Bluetooth Pairing Request, and your 1st Generation Apple Pencil is ready to create wonders.

Pairing 2nd Generation Apple Pencil to iPad

After unlocking the iPad and removing the cap of the Pencil, put it on the magnetic strip. Then, tap on “Pair” when a Bluetooth Pairing Request is popped up.

Apple Pencil Pairing Tip

When unable to connect your Pencil with the above methods, select Apple Pencil in the Bluetooth option of Settings.

How to Use Apple Pencil on iPad

With an Apple Pencil, you can draw, write and annotate on your iPad. But before you start with your Pencil, confirm its compatibility with your iPad variant. Also, you should fully charge it to avoid interruption and pair it with the tablet.

Drawing with Apple Pencil

You can draw using the Notes app, which has drawing and sketching tools on an iPad. You can either move the toolbar on any side of the screen or can minimize it. And its a breeze working with an Apple Pencil on Adobe Illustrator.

You can use a ruler to generate straight strokes like drawing on paper. And tilting the Pencil will create a shading effect and darken the line, increasing the pressure on the Pencil.

Writing with Apple Pencil

The Notes app also allows writing with a Pencil. Moreover, you can convert your handwritten material to Text as if typed.

  • You can write away from the ruler, spontaneously converting your writing to Text. Otherwise, use handwritten notes, select them and Copy them as Text. Then Paste either in the same document or somewhere else.
  • Draw a free-hand shape and press the Pencil tip in the end for a while. As a result, there will be a perfect shape.

How to Fix an Apple Pencil when it is not working?

There are many reasons behind unexpected issues with Apple Pencil, but you can easily fix them using some troubleshooting tips.

  1. Check the battery in the Settings. Recharge it when you find it dead. Otherwise, check the other possibility when it shows some %age of power left. Luckily it gets charged quickly.
  2. Confirm the compatibility of the stylus with the iPad model. This is because different iPad models work with different Generations of Apple Pencils.
  3. Confirm the Bluetooth connectivity; that means Bluetooth is on and Pencil is paired with the iPad or not.
  4. The Pencil tip may be jagged, so you need to replace it.
  5. The app you are working on with the Apple Pencil does not support the Apple Pencil. So, before installing any drawing or writing app, it is better to confirm its compatibility with Apple Pencil.
  6. If you find none of the above issues, check the Warranty and go for its claim from Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Apple Pencil come with replacement tips?

The 1st Generation Apple Pencil used to have one spare tip with it. But in the Second Generation Apple Pencil, Apple eliminated the extra tip from the package. So now you have to get it through an online store or retail market.

Why does my Apple Pencil not work on my iPhone?

The iPad screen is sensitive for both hand and stylus, so the Apple Pencil was designed for that particular screen technology. Unfortunately, Macs and iPhones do not have dual input screens, so Apple Pencil is incompatible with those surfaces.

Why do Apple Pencil tips need to be replaced?

The Apple Pencil has a smooth round tip that gets spiky after some time. Hence, it does not create consistent strokes that can also damage the iPad’s surface. Now is the time when you should change the tip. Many major retail stores and Amazon are selling Apple Pencil soft tips.

Can I change the Double-tap settings of Apple Pencil?

Yes, you can change the actions performed by the Pencil. By default, when you double tap near the Apple Pencil tip, it switches back to the previously used tool.

To change this action, go to Apple Pencil Settings on your iPad and choose any action you want it to perform on double tap.


We know how important an Apple Pencil is for an artist. When it creates issues, it affects creativity and ultimate output also.

The above content answered how to pair, use and troubleshoot an Apple Pencil. So, you can now deal with your new iPad tool efficiently.