Best Android Tablet For Drawing (with Stylus support) in 2023

If you are an artist or create sketches, you might need an incredible and best android tablet for drawing to enhance your artistic skills and reduce time and effort significantly. With innovation and constant updates, tablets and other smart gadgets have impacted the world of art and drawing. Now you can open your device, connect a stylus, and comfortably draw and sketch with comfort and relaxation. This has revolutionized the way of drawing for modern artists and introduced new possibilities to the world of art and creativity. In this article, we’ll completely explain and introduce some of the best possible options for you and provide guidance and answers to many questions simultaneously.

How Important is An Android Tablet For Drawing?

An android tablet is a crucial and significant part of modern artistry and drawing. In ancient times, people spent hundreds of hours creating one drawing or artwork. But, these days, technical advancements and innovative android tablets have reduced the time and effort for crafting art and drawing while maintaining the quality of art and increasing realism and perfection in the creativity of artists. 

The Top Best Android Tablet For Drawing:

While looking for a tablet for drawing, there are dozens of factors to consider. Without realizing all of these features, you might have difficulty selecting such a device. Readers can spend hours on the internet searching and exploring different products. But such research and workload are overwhelming and tiresome for most readers. You don’t have to worry anymore as we have already collected some ideal and great tablets for you. Look at this list, and hopefully, you’ll find your preferred device. 

Following are the best android tablets for drawing:

  1. Samsung galaxy mystic black S7+ tablet
  2. Wacom one drawing screen tablet
  3. Samsung galaxy oxford gray S6 lite tablet
  4. UGEE graphics M708 drawing tablet
  5. HUION H610 Pro V2 graphic drawing tablet
  6. Simbans Picasso portable drawing tablet

Samsung Galaxy Mystic Black S7+ Tablet: 

Samsung galaxy mystic black S7+ tablet


Convert ordinary drawing experience into an ultimate and professional artistic experience with the Samsung galaxy mystic black S7+ tablet. You can draw sketches similar to those drawn on a PC by using the DeX mode. The brand also features the expanded trackpad that you can buy separately if users desire more comfortable usage. The display of this Samsung galaxy mystic black S7+ tablet provides an excellent view and amazing color with stunning graphics. The edge-to-edge display enhances the overall viewing experience and provides stunning visuals on the display screen for the users. 

An S pen is also included in the tablet, which is updated and improved by the experts in the manufacturing department. The latency of the S pen is increased up to 9ms, which provides more control and marking with much effort. Previous models lack precise grip and control over the S pen, but this Samsung galaxy mystic black S7+ tablet has resolved this issue by providing advancement and innovation. You can play console games anywhere you want by connecting this tablet with WiFi nearby and enjoying the ever-enhancing gaming experience. 

Bluetooth enables the controllers in the Samsung galaxy mystic black S7+ tablet. You can play games or use the device for several hours without worrying about recharging the device. The tablet features a USB-C port and quickly recharges when you connect the tablet to the charger. Furthermore, you can use the wide and super clear camera to capture inspirations for drawing and use them later. The network connectivity and Bluetooth functioning are up to mark and work smoothly in outdoor settings. Furthermore, you can sync multiple devices and control them easily due to enhanced compatibility with other Samsung devices. 

Final Thoughts:

The Samsung Galaxy mystic black S7+ tablet is compatible with drawing in outdoor settings. You can easily transform the tablet from a smart tablet to a PC system by using the DeX mode in the device. Type pads and keyboards are also connectable to this tablet. You can also enjoy the amazing surround sound of this Samsung Galaxy mystic black S7+ tablet due to the availability of Dolby Atmos in the device. The wide and detailing cameras provide the best image capturing to inspire various drawing designs. If you want a tablet to draw sketches and art pieces in outdoor and remote regions, you should consider the Samsung galaxy mystic black S7+ tablet.


  • clear and bright display screen 
  • Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • great camera quality 


  • Battery drains faster after excessive usage 
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Wacom One Drawing Screen Tablet:

Samsung galaxy oxford gray S6 lite tablet


The natural surface friction on the screen of the Wacom one drawing screen tablet provides excellent control over lining and highlights while drawing digitally. The display screen is 13.3 inches and provides a good display with decent color vibrance. In addition, the detailing and sensitivity on the screen provide a drawing experience related to actual drawing on notebooks and sketching pads. There’s also a digital pen featured in the tablet, which works as an actual pen on display to provide better vibrance and variation in lines and shading. 

You can draw various diagrams, concept arts, inspired sketches, etc., in a very professional way due to the great control and sensitivity of the digital pen featured on the tablet. The major benefit of this Wacom one drawing screen tablet USGA is that you can reconsider and delete your created projects if you’re unsatisfied with them. This provides added motivation and courage for the drawing artists to constantly exceed their limiting beliefs. Plus, various creative software is already featured in the tablet and dozens of other downloadable applications. 

There are professional subscriptions of major creative and artistic software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, etc. you can connect the digital pen of the Wacom one drawing screen tablet with other android tablets and iPads too. The tablet is also compatible with sketching and drawing pens of other brands due to its features USB-C port and OTG adapter with the device. Most digital drawing excerpts prefer using this tablet for drawing and sketching due to all of the mentioned features. Moreover, the digital pen in the tablet doesn’t require separate batteries, and you can charge and use it by connecting it to the Wacom one drawing screen tablet with ease and comfort. 

Final Thoughts:

The Wacom one drawing screen tablet benefits professional drawing artists and sketching experts. The tablet features an amazing display screen with good picture quality and high-class sensitivity to touch. You don’t need to charge the digital pen featured with this tablet, and it’s compatible with other tablets and devices. There are several professional artistic software features in this tablet. You don’t have to pay for such elite drawing and sketching applications in the initial months of usage. If you are a professional drawing artist, you should consider the Wacom one drawing screen tablet.


  • Affordable 
  • The digital pen is highly efficient and compatible 
  • featured professional drawing software


  • The Charging port is fragile 

Samsung Galaxy Oxford Gray S6 Lite Tablet:

UGEE graphics M708 drawing tablet


The usage of the S pen of the Samsung galaxy oxford gray S6 lite tablet makes drawing and expressing art very easy and comfortable. You can readily write notes on the artworks and drawings and personalize various images and art pieces. The S pen is re-attachable and connects to the tablet magnetically. This eases the stress of misplacing and losing digital pens in the Samsung galaxy oxford gray S6 lite tablet. Now you can easily draw and inspire artistic ideas while being stress-free about the complications of digital tablets and traditional drawing methods. 

The metallic outlook and design of the Samsung galaxy oxford gray S6 lite tablet are beautiful and slim. This neat and classic body frame provides professional and presentable aspects to the tablet. The weightage of the tablet is light, and you can easily carry this Samsung galaxy oxford gray S6 lite tablet anywhere you desire with comfort. You might put this tablet in your backpack while traveling or place it anywhere, worrying about enough. The sleek dimensions of the tablet enable drawing artists to carry it anywhere and focus on inspiring art rather than worrying about the weightage and thick frame of the tablet. 

The vivid and detailed display is also helpful for artists while drawing, as the Samsung galaxy oxford, gray S6 lite tablet features a crystal display. Furthermore, the wide and beautiful display is paired with great sound quality. You can enjoy great surround sound due to this tablet’s placement and the high quality of speakers. In addition, artists can easily use this tablet for several hours and quickly recharge it due to its powerful and efficient battery life. Connect the USB-C port of the Samsung galaxy oxford gray S6 lite tablet to its swift charger, and you’re good to work on your drawing again. 

Final Thoughts:

The Samsung Galaxy oxford gray S6 lite tablet is very useful for beginner drawing and sketching. The tablet features an S pen to draw and shade artworks with precision and accuracy. The magnetic connectivity of the digital pen provides secure and smooth placement in the tablet. The tablet’s dimensions are sleek and lightweight to enhance the device’s portability. With swift recharging capabilities, you are ensured to work on your drawing projects more productively. If you are a beginner at digital artistry and drawing, you should consider the Samsung galaxy oxford gray S6 lite tablet.


  • Updated and efficient S pen 
  • metallic frame and lightweight 
  • quick recharge and durable battery 


  • The display screen caused blackout after excessive and carefree usage. 

UGEE Graphics M708 Drawing Tablet:

HUION H610 Pro V2 graphic drawing tablet


Consider using the UGEE graphics M708 drawing tablet for smooth drawing and textured artwork. The tablet features a ten inches screen with six inches wideness to perfectly resembles an actual sketch pad. The tablet’s powerful processor and operating system provide a lag-free and smooth drawing experience. You can also add realism to the artwork due to the textured drawing method featured in this UGEE graphics M708 drawing tablet. The high graphic display simultaneously ensures detailed image production on the screen and vivid color grading. 

The passive and affordable stylus in the UGEE graphics M708 drawing tablet provides variation in sensitivity while drawing and sketching. The opacity and accuracy in the tablet are adjustable and depend upon the pressure applied on the screen of this device. Less exertion of pressure is advisable for lighter and translucent shadings on drawing. In comparison, you can apply decent pressure to create dense and opaque linings and shading on the drawing or sketch. Furthermore, the brush effect on the screen provides uniqueness and significance to the artistic worth of your personalized art piece. 

There are several keys on the tablet to perform various functions. You are using these control keys on the UGEE graphics M708 drawing tablet. This enhances the drawing artist’s freedom and improves the work’s convenience. You can add more efficiency and productivity while drawing and sketching due to the usage of these basic yet accessible control keys on the device. The UGEE graphics M708 drawing tablet is compatible with both types of drawing artists. You can also use this tablet if you are left-handed because manufacturers pay great attention to users’ convenience.

Final Thoughts:

The UGEE graphics M708 drawing tablet is great for easily creating drawings and sketches with less effort. The tablet features great operating capabilities and smooth processors. Users can readjust the opacity and style of the linings and shading in the drawing by varying the applied pressure on the tablet’s stylus. In addition, you can use featured keys on the tablet to easily perform various functions like copying, erasing, zooming, etc. if you have a unique and different style of drawing artworks and sketches or you are a left-handed artist, you should consider the UGEE graphics M708 drawing tablet. 


  • easy and compact to use 
  • versatility in the lining and shading 
  • useful control keys 


  • Sensitive to malware and bugs 

HUION H610 Pro V2 Graphic Drawing Tablet:

Simbans Picasso portable drawing tablet


You should consider the HUION H610 pro-V2 graphic drawing tablet if you want a universally compatible tablet. The tablet is compatible with MacBooks; windows operated devices, and many more using OTG connectivity. You can’t connect IOS smartphones to the tablet, but Android 6.0 and above devices are easily connectable with the HUION H610 pro-V2 graphic drawing tablet. The compatibility and easy usage distinguish this tablet from all other competitors in the market.

With the innovative tilt control system, you can use the HUION H610 pro-V2 graphic drawing tablet at different positionings and angles. The manufacturers propose this tablet features eight thousand one hundred and ninety-two different levels of sensitivity to pressure on the display screen. This quality is quite impressive with a lot of excerpts, and it’s highly admired by a lot of users globally. Moreover, the 10mm reading height avoids extra and unrequited pressure on the display, protecting it against breakage and color distortion. The reading rate and resolution of the HUION H610 pro-V2 graphic drawing tablet are also amazing and precise. 

The HUION H610 pro-V2 graphic drawing tablet has eight featured control and sixteen soft keys. This provides independence and more productivity to the artist while drawing and sketching. Due to this tablet’s stunning and beneficial qualities, you can enjoy the soul and true feeling of painting and drawing. You can combine certain control and soft key usage to perform various other functions on the HUION H610 pro-V2 graphic drawing tablet. This tablet is perfect for teaching drawing and painting in online sessions. The network connectivity of the tablet is also impressive and provides strong and stable connections. 

Final Thoughts:

The HUION H610 pro-V2 graphic drawing tablet is highly useful for drawing teachers. The tablet features compatibility with windows and the latest android devices due to OTG connectivity. There are various soft keys and control keys to ease the drawing process and increase productivity while sketching. The tablet can easily read sensitive pressure from a significant 10mm height and features over eight thousand sensitive pressure applications for lining and drawing. If you teach or stream online drawing sessions, you should consider and buy the HUION H610 pro-V2 graphic drawing tablet.


  • Compact and decent display screen 
  • enhanced and productive drawing experience 
  • various soft and control keys for sketching 


  • Sensitive to excessive pressure 
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Simbans Picasso Portable Drawing Tablet:

Wacom one drawing screen tablet


One of the most affordable and easy-to-use digital devices, the Simbans Picasso portable drawing tablet is great for drawing and sketching. Several pre-installed software in the tablet increases the users’ artistic abilities and helps drawing excerpts explore different sketching and linen methods. The packaging of the tablet features an adapter, screen protector, and active digital pen in addition to the Simbans Picasso portable drawing tablet. These benefits are drawing students and users who prefer affordable devices for drawing. 

The powerful Qualcomm processor of the Simbans Picasso portable drawing tablet boosts the multitasking capabilities of the artist. This tablet’s detailed and illuminated display is powered by IPS HD technology. You can add more shadings and combinations of lines and colors to create a creative artistic drawing. The tablet features sixty-four gigabytes of storage to save your drawings and inspirations artworks. There are thousands of applications and software available and accessible on the play store of the Simbans Picasso portable drawing tablet. You can easily choose which software and applications are compatible with your work type and productive for drawing sessions. 

Connect your Simbans Picasso portable drawing tablet to a WiFi network and start creating online drawings and sketch pieces. You can enjoy entertaining ideas and inspiration from the internet while creating artwork simultaneously due to the tablet’s stable and smooth connectivity capacity. The HDMI port of the Simbans Picasso portable drawing tablet is also beneficial for viewing your drawings on bigger display screens. You can connect this tablet to a PC or digital screen and look better at the sketches you created on this Picasso tablet. There’s a one-year warranty from the manufacturers for this tablet for better user experience and customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts:

The Simbans Picasso portable drawing tablet is easy to use and affordable for drawing artists and painting experts. The packaging includes an adapter, digital pen, and screen protector with the featured tablet. The IPS HD display is beneficial for high-quality artworks, and 64GB storage ensures proper space and a futuristic approach to the tablet. Connect the WiFi to the tablet and produce online drawing artworks and sketches comfortably and precisely. If you want a more affordable yet effective option, consider the Simbans Picasso portable drawing tablet.


  • added accessories in the packaging 
  • IPS HD display 


  • A digital pen requires AAAA batteries 

Buyer’s Guide Best Android Tablet For Drawing:

Most smart tablets look quite similar at first view, and if you are not an expert, selecting the tablet for drawing would be a stressful task for you. However, there are many things to consider before finalizing your choice. These features will help you choose a better option by reducing your time and efforts while maintaining the buyers’ budget. Read these guiding factors to understand tablets for drawing and sketching better and reduce stress and frustration while selecting. 

Following are some key features to look for in a tablet for drawing:


The price of a smart tablet plays an important role when selecting the tablet for drawing. Most expensive tablets provide better drawing and sketching, but most buyers can’t spend a lot of resources on such devices. In contrast, cheap quality tablets have reduced the longevity of the product. Hence, you should look for an affordable yet effective and useful tablet for drawing. 


The tablet’s display is also important while drawing because a low luminous and blurry display can affect the artwork and creativity of the artist. Therefore, a brighter and more vibrant display with delaying resolutions is preferred for drawing and sketching. Therefore, consider better display and resolution quality while selecting the tablet for drawing. LED or other innovative displays provide such benefits to the buyers. 


A stylus or digital pen plays a significant role in drawing on tablets. They provide variation in depth, opacity, thickness, and color contrast in the artwork. If your tablet doesn’t feature a stylus or other digital pen, you will have a hard time drawing on the tablet. On the other hand, the realism and creativity of artistry are enhanced by using a stylus on the tablet for drawing. Hence, I always prefer tablets with a stylus or digital pen for drawing and sketching digitally. 


Without sufficient battery life, you will face various hurdles while drawing on the tablet. Ideally, an artist should process his art mind carefully and then execute the imagination on the digital or physical canvas simultaneously. If your tablet lacks battery life and durability, you can’t constructively create great drawing artworks and enhance the creative process. 

Portability and Storage:

Storage of tablets assures safety and possession of desired and important drawings and sketches whenever needed. At the same time, the portability of a tablet is dependent upon the design, thickness, and build of the tablet. Therefore, you should select a decent storage tablet with a thinner yet strongly built for drawing and sketching. Moreover, the design and presentation are also important features of a tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Android Tablet For Drawing:

Following are some of the important, valid, and frequently asked questions about the android tablet for drawing:

How much should an artist spend on a tablet for drawing?

The product price and budget for the buyer have a relative relation. For example, you should spend a decent amount of money on a tablet to draw because usually, the cheaper tablets don’t provide essential features for drawing. Still, buyers are advised to consider the features of tablets and their accordance to price for a better buying experience. 

Is there a standard size and weight for drawing tablets?

There are no fixed standards for the size and weight of the drawing tablet. But it’s common knowledge that tablets are designed to be more portable yet provide an effective professional experience. So, you should look for more lightweight and larger android tablets for drawing and sketching. 

Which featured operating system is better for drawing?

Smart tablets feature more types of operating systems than mobile phones. There are a lot of operating systems like android, ios, windows, Microsoft, Amazon Fire, etc., for tablets. All of these operating systems have pros and cons of their own. Therefore, you should select an operating system more compatible with your requirements. 

What kind of display is required for drawing?

There are a lot of features in the display of smartphones and tablets to consider for drawing. You should look for better resolution, display size, color grading, brightness level, etc., to find the best android tablet for drawing. You might face difficulty while drawing and sketching if the tablet lacks these features on the display screen. 

What is the importance of connectivity and storage in a drawing tablet?

Connectivity to the network and storage of the tablet play an important role in the usage and selection of drawing tablets. The tablets for drawing should ideally have a stable and storing network connection for online drawing and uploading artwork. In comparison, sufficient storage is required to store and process the drawings and sketches. 


Having an android tablet for drawing is insurance for a better drawing experience and enhanced artist creativity. We have enlisted some of the best android tablets for drawing and sketching by considering buyers’ vast range of preferences. A buyer guide further guides the buyers to understand the key features of a drawing tablet. Some of the most important and frequently asked questions are also answered in this article. We hope this article helps you finalize your selection of drawing tablets. Read this article several times for better understanding and consult actual experts for derailed and in-depth guidance. Thanks for reading. 

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