Best Drawing Tablets for Mac – 6 Top Rated Reviews

To help reach your digital art to the epic, we have enlisted the best drawing tablets designed for the Mac Operating System.

The reason is macOS provides several graphic designing apps. Also, it is native to sketching along with graphic designing. And hence, this OS enables you to show versatility in your creative designing skill with its intuitive technology.

When choosing one out of several brands, models and sub-models is an overwhelming prospect. So, to provide you with one-stop research, we picked six top-rated products, keeping in mind all the aspects, like budget, convenience, efficiency, and output.

Moreover, the buying guide will assist you in making the best decision.

Top 6 Drawing Tablets Compatible with Mac in 2023

From the following, you can pick one for your kids to get rid of the mess of sketchbooks, colors, pallets, and brushes. And also can choose one as a professional to boost your creativity ten times.

  1. Apple iPad Pro – Best Sketch Pad for Macbook Pro
  2. HUION HS610 – Best Budget Drawing Tablet for Mac
  3. Wacom Cintiq 22 – Best Overall Tablet Monitor for Drawing
  4. Wacom Intuos Pro Medium – Best Value Graphics Tablet for Mac
  5. XP-Pen Artist 22 – Best Drawing Tablet for MacBook Air
  6. UGEE M708 – Best Drawing Tablet for Kids

You can find more high-grade tablets that work efficiently with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Apple iPad Pro – Best Sketch Pad for Macbook Pro


  • Screen Size: 12.9″ Liquid Retina
  • Chip: A12Z Bionic chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture
  • Storage: 512 GB
  • Memory: 6GB
  • Weight: 1.41 pounds
  • Connector: USB-C
  • Battery Life: 10 Hours

Why is it Best

The most dominant drawing tablet is the Apple iPad Pro, which gives one of the finest screens ever. It has a 12.9″ display as bright and clear as a desktop.

Moreover, when speaking of color accuracy and sharpness, the iPad Pro is matchless on the planet.

But what makes it among the list of tablets for mac? The answer is the M1 chip which was only present in Macs. Moreover, with the performance, it beats the rest of the non-iPads with even mac.

This iPad pro uses Procreate for illustrating, which gives better results than Photoshop. And by using Adobe Fresco, the Apple Pencil is the ideal replacement for oil paint and vector brushes.

Simultaneously, the graphic engine is powerful, with eight cores and an A12Z Bionic Chip. Additionally, it secures ample of your art with Face ID.

Moreover, it is equipped with high-definition cameras for capturing detailed real-world scenes. The long-lasting battery allows it to work without interruption.

Although the Apple iPad Pro is not a dedicated artist tablet, it gives pixel-perfect precision to your ideas, bringing them to almost life. The reason is it works inordinately with Mac.


  • M1 chip is truly powerful
  • Superb battery life
  • iPad pro handles large raw photos like no other laptop does
  • Clip Studio Paint was comfortable to use on this.


  • This edition lost the home button
  • The RAM should be a minimum of 8GB
  • Bit pricey according to the features
  • Pressure sensitivity is not as effective as in the drawing of dedicated tablets

HUION HS610 – Best Budget Drawing Tablet for Mac


  • Product Dimensions: 13.78 x 8.34 x 0.31 inches
  • Working Area: 10 x 6.25 inches
  • Press Keys: 12 keys and touch Ring
  • Weight: 1.32 Pounds
  • Connectivity: USB

Why is it Best

The Huion HS610 is one of the best and most affordable mac drawing tablets. It is a great choice for those who want to get a grip on digital art and design. With the large workspace, its drawing pad has a sufficient surface for newcomers and professional artists without restricting the pen movement.

This wonderful device gives the pen-on-paper feel, and you can adjust the pressure on the pen to be light or heavy. Moreover, the EMR technology eliminates the battery and makes the stylus lighter.

Besides, it is a sleek, lightweight drawing partner to convert your ideas into a drawing.

The bonus point, it is connectable to the Android device with an OTG adapter. And the touch ring enhances productivity with zoom in or out, brush adjustment, and page scrolling.

Likewise, compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Android devices makes it versatile.

The drawing surface is a bit textured, leading to the nib’s fast wear down. But the advantage is it comes with some extra nibs. Although plastic is in the building, how long it will stay depends on how heavy you handle it.

In short, despite its low budget price, the Huion HS610 is sturdy enough to serve you for a long time.


  • Affordable tablet
  • The touch wheel is superbly responsive
  • Plentiful size
  • Comfortable pen grip


  • Build quality was little poor
  • Only one USB port that limits its connectivity to an external monitor

Wacom Cintiq 22 – Best Overall Tablet Monitor for Drawing


  • Product Size: 22.4 L × 14.1 W× 1.6 H in
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 HD
  • Weight: 3.3 Pounds
  • Drawing Area: 18.7 x 10.5 inches
  • Operating System: Windows, mac

Why is it Best

The most compelling option for a designer tablet is Wacom Cintiq 22, which carries the smallest price tag in its range but is the most expensive among the rivals. And when it works with mac, it makes you a pro in your field.

Enhancing the drawing comfort with well-judged features is the choice of many designers and artists for pen graphics.

Although the Cintiq 22 has an HD screen of 1920×1080 pixels, the output is less sharp than the last Cintiq 16. However, on the positive side is the built-in stand to tilt the tablet to your preferred drawing angle.

Suppose we talk about the limitations, then Cintiq 22 has only USB-A for the drawing tablet. That is why you have to get an adapter and HDMI to connect the display screen.

Furthermore, the Express Key provides easy and quick access to various commands on your software that let you finish faster. Also, it is unique among its rivals due to a superior pen that works on a mat instead of a shiny, smooth screen.

With better drawing experience, the Wacom Cintiq targets students and beginners as artists. And no worries about the battery getting out of power; the Cintiq stylus takes power from the screen through EMR.

Concisely, if you want to get the best out of your fingertips, get a combo of Wacom Pro Pen 2 and HD display to showcase your art piece to the next level.


  • Adjustable stand is better than foldable legs as in the previous model
  • The back eraser gives more feeling of drawing with a pencil
  • You can use it as an external monitor, also


  • It lacks built-in shortcut keys
  • Expensive than the direct competitors
  • Expected higher screen resolution

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium – Best Value Graphics Tablet for Mac


  • Product Dimensions: ‎13.14 x 8.54 x 0.31 inches
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Drawing area: 8.7 x 5.8 inches
  • ExpressKey Buttons: 8
  • Operating System: Windows and mac

Why is it Best

Wacom is the leader in manufacturing top-notch graphic tablets, and so is the Intuos Pro line. At first impression, you will find it a smart and appealing gadget. Moreover, the large drawing surface helps the designer to get natural artistic control.

Furthermore, it is packed with all those features, making it an ideal choice for professionals. Likewise, it is accurate in touch that you can click on the smallest buttons of the designer apps.

The well-responsive pen and screen relationship allows photo editing for hours. Also, the gestures and shortcuts let you with your drawing faster. Moreover, with the personalized settings, you can use the maximum of your tablet to give life to your imagination.

To add more comfort while drawing, you can set it with your keyboard if you are not used to ExpressKeys and shortcuts. Simultaneously, the Wacom Pro Pen is sensitive enough to give you a natural feel while drawing and texture painting.

This lightweight digital drawing tool is superb for freelancers to take on the go, with a full-day battery life.

However, there are some criticisms of slight lagging and an un-ergonomic pen stand. But overall, people are satisfied with it and consider it the best drawing tablet in 2022.


  • Lightweight but strong
  • Hotkeys are flip tables from right to left, which makes them handy for the left-handed artist
  • Best value of price
  • Large drawing area


  • Stand does not grip the pen well
  • Pen nibs are not easily accessible

XP-Pen Artist 22 – Best Drawing Tablet for MacBook Air


  • Product Dimensions: 23.4 x 5.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Weight: 18.31 pounds
  • Operating System: Windows and macOS
  • Expresskey: 20 Shortcuts

Why is it Best

Those who are searching for a 22 inch digital sketchpad for mac for a small price can surely think about this XP-Pen. Moreover, it is matchless among the competitors in its anti-scratch glass. And turning on the Gamma improves the screen’s color scheme.

With the adjustable pen pressure, you can set the hardness of the pressure you will exert on the stylus pen. However, the default lighter settings are difficult to handle, especially for the entrants.

 But still, the best thing about this XP pen is the touchscreen, where you can work with your fingers after a tired palm and wrist. Moreover, it is responsive only to the pen included with it or with the drawing pens only.

The pressure sensitivity controls the brush’s thickness, the color’s tone, and other settings. The nib is strong and feels like a drawing with a pencil on paper, but it takes some time to get used to it. After that, you can work flawlessly for hours and hours.

Besides all the positives, the downside is the IPS screen which contradicts the technology by washing out the colors if viewed from shallow angles.


  • Battery-less pen that is lightweight
  • Tilt support allows screen setting at the comfortable degree
  • It is so nice to move around on such a big screen
  • Overall recommendable product


  • The screen is not truly IPS, as the colors wash out from side angles

UGEE M708 – Best Drawing Tablet for Kids


  • Product Dimensions: 14.09 x 8.27 x 0.31 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Weight: 1000 Grams
  • Operating System: Windows and macOS
  • Shortcut Keys: 8

Why is it Best

The last artist tablet for mac is M708 by UGEE. This drawing gadget can provide its users full control over the tablet. That is the reason it is in demand by most artists.

Although it is an entry-level graphic tablet, it saves time while painting on your PC. Also, the express keys make everything convenient and help improve your productivity.

On the large drawing pad, you can impressively unleash your creative ideas. And the macOS offers you all the required apps to take your skills to the next level.

To move accurately from traditional art to digital, it has the papery texture of the surface. Also, it performs well when working on Photoshop, OneNote, or Sketchbook Pro.

Besides that, the pen sensitivity is the factor that gives you maximum control over the drawing. The user-friendly interface is equally beneficial for students and professionals.

And what is more important than the product’s reliability is the warranty of the tablet for one year.


  • Pen is sensitive to the level of satisfaction
  • Shortcut keys make the work easier It gives a feeling of paper and pencil while sketching


  • Some people complained about skipping the pixels

What to Look for When Buying a Drawing Tablet for Mac

When you decide to buy a drawing tablet compatible with mac, you have to consider various models and features.

Rather than directly entering the market and visiting shops, it is best to sit and scroll down the article, which will guide you on what to look for in a drawing tablet that makes it best for macOS.

Clarify the purpose of Use

When you are clear about the level of usage with a drawing tablet, you will be better able to get the best for your needs.

If you are looking to satisfy your drawing cravings as a hobby or as a student, you must face the budget issue. So go for any low-priced drawing tablet.

But if you are a professional and aspiring artist, you must strive for a high-end Professional Drawing tablet. Further, a laptop or standalone may also be a choice to eliminate the hassle of cables.


Your budget decides what price you are willing to pay to unleash your creativity. And further, this price will determine the limitations where you will compromise on the device’s performance and output.

The drawing tablets are available in the market ranging from $60 to $3000. And there may be a chance that you won’t have to give up on the quality of output much, but yes, on the size.


Most technology users are brand conscious and normally prefer sticking to a specific brand despite others having a better product.

Also, some people go with the brand’s popularity among the users because they need to learn more about the features conceptually. So, for such people, the most popular brands in digital art are Ugee, Gaomon, XP-Pen, Huion, and Wacom, with the lowest to the highest price tag.

With or Without Screen

A drawing tablet can have a screen with a pad. Some models require an external screen to be connected via USB cable or Bluetooth.

The ones that have a screen are normally more expensive than the collective of those which require an external display. The reason is these drawing gadgets are specially designed for artists and professionals.

Furthermore, if you get a tablet with a screen, you can use it as the second screen for your mac due to the Sidecar feature. Hence, you can work with the latest version of macOS Monterey.


Most of the brands and models come with their stylus pens. But there are some, like iPad, where you must purchase a separate drawing pen. So, you must check whether it is included in the package.

These styluses are either battery-powered or charged with a USB cable. This feature determines the tablet’s portability; the second option is recommendable.

Besides that, for long-term usage and the finest quality of art, you must look into the pen’s tip, size, and grip.

Also, some pens have buttons, and you can look for the features on the screen without looking for the features on the screen. Thus, they allow easier and faster workflow. However, these tablets are a bit pricey.

Resolution of Drawing Pad

While searching for a tablet to incorporate your drawing and sketching skills, it is impossible that you don’t bother about the drawing area resolution.

To achieve the maximum details in your art, try to get a tablet with 4000/inch pixels on the drawing pad. This resolution is ideal for even professional work.

Surely, you have a better knowledge of your needs and preferences. Therefore, review the reviews carefully and choose the best, considering the above guide.

Compatibility with macOS

The last but most important point to confirm before purchasing is that the tablet should be compatible with macOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to turn the iPad into a drawing tablet for mac?

A: To turn your iPad into a drawing tablet, you must undergo some steps.

  1. Install Duet Display or Astropad Studio to connect your iPad to your PC. Duet Display allows connecting your iPad and Desktop wirelessly. On the other side, for Astropad Studio, you must use an iPad charging cable to connect your drawing tablet to the display screen.
  2. Choose any drawing apps that suit your art style, download, and install them. Three of the most popular among artists are Photoshop, Adobe Fresco, and Illustrator.
  3. Get an apple pencil, plug it into your iPad, pair it via Bluetooth for generation 1. Still, for the second-generation pencil, you have to place it on the magnetic connector instead.
  4. Now, your iPad is ready to unleash your digital art.

Q: How to use an iPad as a drawing tablet for mac with Adobe Fresco?

A: If you are using Adobe Fresco, you must know all the tools and options that the iPad drawing app possesses. Choose the right canvas and brush, and tweak the settings accordingly. You can erase what you don’t like, smudge and transform your sketch.

For drawing with convenience, the gestures tool allows zooming in and out with pinch and fingering spread. Moreover, undo requires two; for the redo, use your three fingers. Finally, a quick pinch will do so if you want to fit the canvas to full screen.

In digital art, you can create layers of experiments that you can delete and add back.

Q: Does XP pen work with mac?

A: Yes, surely the XP pen is compatible with macOS, but you must install a driver.

Conclusion – What is the Best Drawing Tablet for Mac

In the words of hope, we have you covered with all the finest options of mac tablets for drawing, sketching, and illustration.

However, a graphic tablet should be lightweight, handy, and perfect in accuracy and with a large drawing surface. But, what is the best digital art tablet – is the one compatible with mac. The reason is macOS or Macbook is specially introduced for this purpose.

In conclusion, the one tablet which fulfills the above criteria of being the best MacBook drawing pad is Wacom Cintiq22. It is packed with all the features that convert your imagination to the exact level.

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