Best Tablet for Reading Manga (Newspaper, Comics) 2023

Reading fictional comics, especially manga, is quite common for people of different ages, and various kinds of high-quality and best tablets and laptops are used for this purpose. Manga is a significant branch of comics that originates from Japan and surrounding regions. It is important in Japanese and other traditions as it was the main source of learning through entertainment in past centuries when electronic gadgets were unavailable. But, even in the presence of unlimited sources of entertainment, people still prefer manga and other fictional comics on both print and digital platforms. This represents the importance of the cultural and artistic influence of manga and other comics in the era of innovation and technology. 

We need the absolute best and most suitable resources for reading comics because the detailing and context in the visual representations and sketches of characters require great concentration. People read manga in printed copies of fictional books and comics in the past, but with time, the physical and printable books and comics have been replaced by virtual and digital manga comics. To comfortably read freely and store these comics in portable storage, you need the smooth, fast, and best tablet for reading manga.

Historical Significance Of Manga:

The history of manga comics dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries due to the evident discovery of ancient scrolls in japan and other east Asian regions. The modernized version of these manga comics also has significance in the Asian cultures, especially Japanese and Chinese, and dates back to the 18th century. Manga comics influenced these regional civilizations’ mentality, social mannerisms, and cultural growth. Most young citizens and children read these manga and other fictional comics and learn a lot. 

Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Berserk, etc., are some of history’s most influential and significant manga comics. 

Difference Between Manga and Anime:

Modern manga artwork and comics have played an important role in placing graphical art pieces, sketches, cartoons, and other fictional and creative ideas into the modern world of science and technology. Moreover, manga is usually considered more influential in mental growth and expression of ideas than anime and other animation content. The main reason is that the visual influence of anime hides the story’s soul and context and the context of the situations and characterization. But in the case of manga, each expression, emotion, and component of the story is highlighted and presented beautifully and interestingly. Plus, manga is easy to understand and requires less time and effort to consume the message in the story’s content.

How To Find the Best Tablet For Reading Manga And Other Comics?

When you select it for reading fictional content, manga, and other comics, there are several features to look for in a tablet. It would be best if you considered resolutions, display size, battery life, color grading, storage capabilities, and many more factors of the tablet before finalizing it. The buyer’s budget also plays an important role in selecting an ideal tablet for reading manga and other comics in a specific price range. 

The Top Best Tablets For Reading Manga:

Manga is unique due to several reasons. But, the most basic and known difference is manga is usually read from right to left instead of the standardized reading and writing pattern. Furthermore, like all other fictional and superhero comics and novels, manga also consists of highly artistic graphics and depictions. This ultimately creates demand for unique features and key factors in tablets to read manga comics. But, you don’t have to worry as we have already enlisted some of the highest quality and best tablets for reading manga. Read the article with proper attention, and you can decide on the perfect tablet that matches your requirements. 

Following are some of the best tablets for reading manga:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Mystic Black S7 FE Tablet
  2. Samsung Galaxy A8 Silver Tablet
  3. Microsoft Matte Black Surface Pro X Tablet
  4. Apple iPad Air 4th Generation Sky Blue Tablet
  5. Samsung Galaxy Graphite S8 Android Tablet
  6. Apple iPad Air 5th Generation Purple Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Mystic Black S7 FE Tablet:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE | Best Tablet for Reading Manga


The brilliant and quick Samsung galaxy mystic black S7 FE is one of the most desired tablets for reading manga or newspapers worldwide by millions of readers on an international scale. The display of this S7 FE tablet is quite large, measuring 12.4 inches. This display size makes it perfect for reading manga, with every subtle detail getting noticed by the readers. Furthermore, you can enjoy high-quality graphics and sketches due to the amazing color grading of the display. The brightness and colors are adjustable according to indoor and outdoor settings in this Samsung galaxy S7 tablet.

There are several color options in the Samsung galaxy mystic black S7 tablet to choose from in a very elegant way. You can choose mystic pink, silver, black, or green as per your desire and preferences. The availability of different color optionality makes this tablet likable for buyers and marketable for the manufacturer and sellers. The color scheme is unique and innovative, providing freedom to manga readers to choose according to their favorite manga characters and series. If you are a manga artist, you can also use this S7 FE tablet to draw your art and sketches easily. 

You can use the featured S pen to draw and recreate iconic manga characters and stories in a shorter period. The Samsung galaxy mystic black S7 tablet featured access to many platforms that provide better design and coloring of fictional manga pieces. With galaxy connectivity, you can easily connect with other devices and enhance your work experience. You can switch into PC mode for a more professional working environment and enjoy the luxurious experience of the technology proposed by this Samsung galaxy S7 FE tablet. Enable multiple windows on the tablet for better multi-tasking and versatility in your craft and artistic creations. 

Final Thoughts:

The S7 FE tablet is highly useful and helpful for manga readers and even artists to read, learn and create their craft. The tablet features a significantly large display and great resolutions. Furthermore, there is a great collection of vibrant and classic colors, and the featured S pen provides easy writing and drawing manga comics. Furthermore, the display is adjustable, which makes it recommendable to manga readers who like to create their artwork, too, in addition to reading comics and other fictional literature. 

  • Pros:
  • Featured S pen for drawing 
  • Available in various colors
  • Great display 
  • Cons:
  • Battery drains fast if used for several hours 

Samsung Galaxy A8 Silver Tablet:



One of the absolute favorites of manga readers, the Samsung Galaxy A8 silver tablet is ensured to be loved by everyone in the family. The display of this tablet is measured to be around 10.5 inches, which is considered a decent display size for a smart pad or tablet. The screen features LCD, which enhances the image quality and colors for manga readers and other users. The portability of this Samsung Galaxy A8 silver tablet is the highlight and provides ease in reading to everyone. 

For longer-lasting fun, while watching movies and series based on the manga and other fictional creations, the Samsung Galaxy A8 silver tablet features a significantly great battery. As a result, you can unplug the tablet and comfortably watch a complete show or movie without recharging for some hours. This is helpful for manga readers who love reading for several hours and complete each edition in one sitting. The powerful battery ensures the tablet’s durability and quality time for the complete family. Moreover, the charger is quick and responsive. The fast-charging USB C port swiftly recharges the tablet once the battery is drained. 

In addition to the strong and long-lasting battery, the Samsung Galaxy A8 silver tablet also features excellent storage capabilities. The tablet features up to 128GB of storage which is rare and appreciated in smart tablets of this price range. Now, you can save and download all of your favorite manga comics and animations into your tablet and utilize its amazing storage. With such large storage, the processing abilities are also compatible. The Samsung Galaxy A8 silver tablet can handle the average output load once working at full potential. This adds to the user experience of buyers, and the storage capabilities redefine the portability of a tablet and smart pads in an innovative and enhanced way. 

Final Thoughts:

The Samsung Galaxy A8 silver tablet is highly recommended for users of all ages and frequent travelers due to its portability. The tablet has significant storage increasing up to 128GB with decent processing abilities. The battery is large and efficient, providing a great experience for heavy manga content consumers. With 10.5 inches display, you can look after good image details in the reading content and watching shows online. If you and your loved ones are deciding to buy a tablet to read manga comics and watch animated movies, you should consider the Samsung Galaxy A8 silver tablet. 

  • Pros:
  • Compatible with the whole family 
  • Great battery and sound
  • Efficient storage and display 
  • Cons:
  • Less efficient at online streaming

Microsoft Matte Black Surface Pro X Tablet: 

Microsoft Surface Pro X | Best Tablet for Reading Manga


All your network connectivity and online browsing issues are resolved due to the Microsoft matte black surface pro x tablet. This tablet is ideal for online manga readers and streamed shows on various platforms. You can utilize the highly swift and responsive LTE to achieve professional connectivity and access different applications and websites. Unfortunately, most of the tablets lack better connectivity and online streaming capabilities. But the Microsoft matte black surface pro x tablet is manufactured to provide strong and stable connections while maintaining the absolute best user experience. 

Due to its portable design, this Microsoft surface pro x tablet easily adjusts according to your lifestyle. The bezels and build of this tablet are quite thin and sleek, making it highly praised. The size of the tablet perfectly resonates with the matte black finish on the body. You can carry this tablet anywhere you desire due to its easy-to-carry manufacturing. This tablet is perfect for manga readers because it is lightweight and easy to use. You can take it everywhere due to its sleek build and 1.7 pounds weightage. 

Users can enjoy the edge-to-edge display on this Microsoft matte black surface pro x tablet. This adds to the visual experience of reading manga, and the sound quality is compatible with the display. The display screen is thirteen inches which are larger than most of the other tablets in the marketplace. You can view your favorite anime or read manga comics in the professional 3:2 screen ratio of the display. The high-quality display is enhanced by the smooth processing abilities of the Qualcomm processor featured in this Microsoft matte black surface pro x tablet. 

Final Thoughts:

The Microsoft matte black surface pro x tablet is great for reading online manga and streaming animations. The LTE connectivity ensures a high-quality and stable connection to digital servers, ultimately providing a non-stop and smooth streaming experience. The display is also worth mentioning with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a thirteen inches screen. You can easily carry this tablet on trains and other means of transport due to its sleeker design and lightweight. If you travel a lot and require strong connectivity to stream manga comics, you should consider buying the Microsoft matte black surface pro x tablet. 

  • Pros:
  • Strong network connectivity
  • Very lightweight
  • Great processing 
  • Cons:
  • Require separate keyboard for professional work

Apple iPad Air 4th Generation Sky Blue Tablet:

2020 Apple iPad Air | Best Tablet for Reading Manga


The secure and stunning Apple iPad air 4th generation sky blue tablet is best for professional manga artists and critical analytics of manga comics. It has a sensational 10.9 inches display which perfectly presents the color grading and detailing on the screen. The display screen is manufactured using liquid retina display technology with P3 wide and true tone color grading systems. The tablet is secure and safe due to the touch ID authentication and apple pay. You can purchase premium manga content from various websites using this tablet. 

The tablet also features high-quality cameras with a secure payment mechanism and an iconic Apple iPad Air 4th generation display sky blue. The front facetime camera is seven megapixels, while the back camera is twelve megapixels. You can interview and discuss manga comics with actual experts using the premium cameras of this tablet. In addition, this tablet increases socialization and mutual exchange of experience using virtual meetings and social media connectivity. You can also enjoy the wide stereo audio of these Apple iPad air 4th generation sky blue tablets. 

Users don’t have to recharge this tablet frequently as the Apple iPad Air 4th generation sky blue tablet features ten hours of battery life. The tablet is also available in various colors and features a lot of useful accessories in addition to the actual tablet. You can choose your personal Apple iPad air 4th generation sky blue tablet from green, space gray, sky blue, and silver colors. This tablet supports all sorts of keyboards and second-generation apple pencils too. Connect USB C charging connector to recharge the tablet quickly as the recharging capabilities of this tablet is also up to the mark. 

Final Thoughts:

The Apple iPad Air 4th generation sky blue tablet is ideal for manga researchers and analytics. You can secure your personal information on this tablet using apple ID authentication. Buy premium manga content using Apple pay and enjoy reading manga and other fictional media forms of entertainment. Suppose you are a manga analyst or reviewer. In that case, you should consider the Apple iPad Air 4th generation sky blue tablet to interview manga artists and discuss fictional artwork with international forums and events experts. 

  • Pros:
  • Secure and safe online payments 
  • High-quality cameras
  • Quick recharge and reliable battery life 
  • It’s a bit faster, a bit thinner, a bit lighter
  • Cons:
  • Slows with online browsing load 

Samsung Galaxy Graphite S8 Android Tablet: 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Android Tablet


No other tablet in the market competes with the enhanced productivity capabilities of the Samsung galaxy graphite S8 android tablet. This tablet provides a complete PC experience for manga readers and comic enthusiasts. This Samsung Galaxy Graphite S8 android tablet is supported by Microsoft 365 integration and Samsung DeX, which fulfills the needs of an average PC user. The tablet also features a Qualcomm snapdragon processor with a powerful operating system, which helps in streaming manga content and playing anime games without lagging and disrupting connectivity. 

This tablet also features an S pen to enhance users’ and manga readers’ artistic independence and comfort. The S pen of this Samsung galaxy graphite S8 android tablet is very sensitive and responsive to commands. This increases productive creativity and ultimately enhances the artistic approach of a manga creator or editor on digital platforms. Users are recommended to use the iPad Pro Typecase for better usage of the keyboard and enhanced desktop experience. You can connect the USB C connector to the charging port of this tablet to swiftly recharge the device.

Image formation and optical visualization of this Samsung galaxy graphite S8 android tablet are unmatched. The display screen is measured to be eleven inches, which is relatively decent compared to the tablet’s additional features. The LCD provides crisp and vibrant colors and detailed images on the screen. You can record amazing videos and wide pictures using the 4k camera featured in this Samsung galaxy graphite S8 android tablet. This helps click real-life images with great detailing to inspire manga artwork and sketches. 

Final Thoughts:

The Samsung galaxy graphite S8 android tablet is highly recommended to manga art streamers and artists. The tablet provides an excellent PC mode experience on an eleven inches display. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor adds to the processing abilities of this tablet. You can use this tablet to click real-life inspirations using 4k cameras and enjoy an amazingly wide range of sound. The USB C charging portal quickly recharges the tablet in relatively less time than other tablets in this economical range. If you are a manga comics streamer or online anime gamer, you should consider buying the Samsung galaxy graphite S8 android tablet for enhanced experience and comfort in working. 

  • Pros:
  • Better streaming experience with PC 
  • High-quality 4k camera
  • Smooth processing and browsing 
  • Cons:
  • Network connectivity weakens after several hours of usage. 

Apple iPad Air 5th Generation Purple Tablet:  

Apple iPad Air


One of the latest and highly acclaimed Apple iPad air 5th generation purple tablets is suitable for several hours of manga reading sessions and animation streams with friends and online audiences. The display of this tablet features liquid retina technology with an anti-reflective coating to prevent shadows of light and comfortable usage in sunlight. The screen measures 10.9 inches, and color grading is enhanced using P3 wide color and true tone. The tablet consists of an Apple M1 chip with a neural engine to enhance the output processing capabilities of the device. Use apple pay for secure payments and touch ID for safety authentications in this Apple iPad Air 5th generation purple tablet.

The main highlight of the tablet is the high-quality cameras featured with additional benefits. The twelve-megapixel wide camera and the center stage twelve-megapixel front camera help click amazing pictures. Also, it scan printable sketches for manga comics. You can store your favorite shows and comics using the large storage of this Apple iPad Air 5th generation purple tablet. Moreover, you can enhance the storage capability of this tablet to 256GB, and the processors are decently compatible with the storage and operating system. You can choose your personalized tablet in pink, purple, blue, space gray, and starlight colors. 

Listen to the high-quality sound on this tablet via the stereo landscape speakers and enjoy the manga comics with great music. The tablet’s battery life is also compatible with the processing ability and high-quality display. You can use the iPad Pro Trackpad for comfort in professional work and easy keyboard usage. The 5G network connectivity in the Apple iPad Air 5th generation purple tablet has revolutionized the concept of stable connection with the tablet servers.

Final Thoughts:

The Apple iPad Air 5th generation purple tablet is highly recommended to manga readers who present the physical and virtual reading and explanation sessions to audiences. The display measures 10.9 inches, and color grading is phenomenal due to the true tone and P3 wide color systems. The battery life of this tablet is also great and highly praised by users and critics around the globe. If you use tablets to stream explanations of manga or create fictional artworks on electronic devices, you should consider using the Apple iPad Air 5th generation purple tablet for such tasks.

  • Pros:
  • 12 megapixels center stage front camera
  • Quick Touch ID authentication 
  • Smooth processing and display 
  • Cons:
  • The body frame is sensitive to excessive pressure 

Buyers Guide For The Best Tablet For Reading Manga:

If you have already considered your personal preferences, selecting tablets for reading manga comics would be relatively easier. Still, if you are a beginner or want to learn more about the important features of the smart pads and tablets for reading manga, you don’t have to worry. We have already enlisted the key features required in an ideal tablet. Read these carefully, and you will have enough information to finalize your decision. 

Following are the important feature to look out for in the tablet for reading manga:


The price of the product and the buyers’ budget is the most important feature to consider in a tablet. The device will not attract buyers if the price doesn’t correlate with the buyers’ budget. Hence, the manufacturers’ profit rate and availability to the users would eventually decrease. Hence, consider the tablets’ features and the device’s price following your budget to find the best tablet for yourself.


If the tablet’s battery lacks longevity, the manga readers cannot enjoy the reading experience and animated content related to the fictional comics. Most of the time, the reading sessions don’t consume a lot of battery life, while online streaming is significantly different. Moreover, the battery life also indirectly affects online browsing and network connectivity. Therefore, it would be best if you considered the tablet’s battery life and recharging ability before buying. 


Display of the tablets and color grading also play an important role in enhancing the reading experience of manga comics. The aspect ratio of the tablets is significant for viewing anime and improving the detailing in the font and artistic sketches. In addition, the screen measurements and resolutions of image formation on the screen also play an important role. Therefore, we recommend checking image quality, color grading, and display size before buying the tablet for reading manga. 


If you work professionally on manga comics, you need sufficient storage to store all of your work and other artists’ inspirational content. If the tablet lacks storage, you might have to delete some important fictional comics or transfer your crucial data to another device. Therefore, we recommend using tablets with better storage and processing capabilities to avoid this inconvenience. Furthermore, if the processor is incompatible with the tablet’s storage, it could lead to further issues.


The portability and weight of the tablet also play an important role in finalizing the best tablet for reading comics. If your tablet is too large, it would be difficult to carry it everywhere. The other side of the tablet is too heavy, which could lead to discomfort in the long-term usage of the device. Hence, you should select lightweight and portable tablets to read manga or watch anime movies and shows. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Tablet For Reading Manga:

How to use tablets for reading PDF files of manga?

You can use any high-quality tablet to locate, open, process, view, and edit PDF files and access manga comics; if your tablet doesn’t feature PDF processing software, you ultimately can install this software and applications from reliable sources. In addition, certain websites on the internet convert PDF files into other formats to ease readers. 

Does the size of the tablet affect reading manga?

Yes, the display size and resolutions of the tablet highly affect the reading experience of manga comics. If the screen is small or doesn’t feature decent color grading or clarity of image, users experience difficulty and discomfort while reading fictional books and comics. Moreover, adaptive brightness and illuminance of the display screen also affect the overall experience. 

Which background and text color is recommended while reading manga?

Black font text with white background is considered the most suitable condition for reading in general, especially for reading manga and other comics. The contraction and dilation of pupils of the eyes are most suitable for reading when the above condition is fulfilled. You can absorb more imagery and understand the font and writing better if the background and color of the text are kept simple. 

Can tablets be used to read manga in sunlight or outdoors?

The glare-free and highly illuminated display screens of tablets can be ideal for reading manga. But you need to select the tablet carefully as most of the tablets lack adaptive brightness and brighter colors on their display screen. Usually, the established models of international brands feature this property in their tablets and other electronic gadgets. 

What is the importance of color hue for reading manga during nighttime?

Color hue is very important for manga readers during nighttime. You can choose amber light, warm light, or yellow colored light while reading fictional content at night. These shades of the color spectrum of light prevent inflammation and redness of the eyes due to reading for several hours. 


Buying a high-quality tablet will surely enhance your manga reading experience. Consider all of these enlisted tablets as they are highly recommended and well received by the experts. You can sort and finalize your decision according to your preferences. As these enlisted tablets vary in price, quality, and outlook. Use the features mentioned in the buyer guide as guidance to buying the best tablet for reading manga. We have also answered the famous misconceptions and queries about manga reading tablets. Consult experts for further guidance and detailed information related to these tablets. Thanks for reading. 

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