Best Tablets For Pokemon Go 2022

Many individuals are acquainted with video games, but they may be unfamiliar with gaming tablets. If you’re a Pokemon Go fan and love to play this game on your tablet or phone then make sure that it’s hooked up properly so the graphics look good enough for all those pixels. Most likely there isn’t anyone out here who has never heard of Pokémon before (even if he/she hasn’t had any fascination) because everyone knows what these little creatures can do; charm us into spending hours playing virtual adventures just like real life ones when we were young adults.

If you grew up in the 90s, there is a chance that your free time was spent playing with friends and chasing after imaginary creatures. You probably also practised fighting them or catching them into Pokeballs while watching this show on TV at home.

Since its release in 2016, the new Pokémon Go app has been a massive success. It’s still growing and unstoppable, with people playing all around the world. I’m here to help you find some great tablets that can take your journey into birch-colored blocks one step further than ever before.

After getting so many reports about how well these work for catching those pesky pocket monsters we decided it was worth mentioning on our site – afterall there are tons more where they came from.

We have some recommendations. These days, it’s not just smartphones that can do everything – including making augmented reality applications come alive on your screen. If you’re looking in this category then we suggest sticking with known brands and appropriate tablets because there are tons out now; don’t forget about Kids Mode as well which allows children under 7 years old access without adult supervision.

what is Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go is a new GPS-driven game that utilizes your telephone’s clock and location information to make Pokémon “appear” around you so you can capture them. As the player moves about, different types of monsters will appear depending on where they are located at any given moment in time or date range; this encourages exploration by taking advantage of what’s happening outside reality television. As you know that Hearthstone is a popular game, on these tablets you can play this game.

The best way to play games on the go is with a tablet and there are three main types of mobile devices, each suited for different needs.

The first option is getting something small that’s easy to carry around like an Android phone or iPhone but will have less screen space than larger models so you can’t see as much when playing cardgames such as Magic: The Gathering. Another type would be tablets bigger than 10 inches in size which has better viewing angles because it’s easier for players using them without craning their necks upwards at an angle due to movement from walking while still providing enough clarity even up close despite these being more difficult take places outdoors without covers where glare becomes issue.

Top seven product for best tablets for pokemon go

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus, FHD 10.3

As an Android user, the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is a great choice. It features speedy performance and responsive touchscreen technology that makes it easy to use for just about any task you can think of! With its 10.3 Full HD screen with 1920×1200 resolution this slate also does not disappoint when watching videos or browsing websites in high-defintion detail without sacrificing anything else on your list either – like battery life which lasts up close 12 hours thanks to efficiency built into every aspect from processor speeds allthe way down even color depth offered here as standard (32 bit).

With a long battery life and hard drive size of 64GB, this tablet is perfect for gamers. It weighs just 3 pounds with dimensions measuring 9.6 x 6.04x 0.33 inches making it one sleek little package that you won’t be worried about carrying around on your travels! In addition to these features there’s also an attractive Platinum Grey color option available as well if what we’ve heard from other users who own the product isn’t good enough already- telling them how much they love their new gadget because let me tell you guys. it sounds pretty convincing when people say stuff like “I’m really glad I bought.

For those who want a good value for money, but don’t need all the features of more expensive tabs and make great gifts; however there is one disadvantage: being able to use it only during daylight hours.

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is a great option for anyone looking to get into gaming, be it the younger generation or not so young. It’s affordable price paired with its features makes this tablet one of favourites among people in search off affordability alongside performance and portability.

The display on this Pokemon Go Plus accessory has some flaws, like the fact that it might not be designed for use in direct sunlight and thus becomes difficult to see. This minor weakness can result into major issues when playing games with bright colors or patterns because they’ll just blend together instead of standing out against their background.


  • 2.3 GHz octa-core processor with 93% full metal back cover
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB storage
  • 10.3″ FHD display
  • Dual speakers
  • Rear and front-facing cameras
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a,b,g,n,ac, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Dual Band
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The 2 in 1 that’s your all-in on PC: when you attach the keyboard, it instantly transforms into an Android tablet experience.

You can reclaim some of your lost time with the ability to multitask. Thanks for having such a fast mobile processor! With its ability switch between apps and tasks or immerse yourself in graphic intensive games on PC level internal RAM that is not found with other phones; this phone will be perfect for anyone who needs all their attention now matter where they go.

If you’re looking for a simple and convenient way to take notes, the S Pen is your best friend. No longer do we have UFFF. It’s easier than ever with this new accessory that includes an integrated pause button as well as being able skip within videos or songs on smartphones using just one press of its retractable digital stylus tip (patent pending). Plus, there are no more worries about running out because it attaches magnetically so storage has never been simpler.

The newly improved version also comes equipped not only will all original accessories still work perfectly fine but now they come standard inside every unit – meaning customers don’t need. You’ll be drawn into a world of immersion with the Super AMOLED display and quad speakers on this 2-in1 laptop. It has an amazing edge to edge screen, incredible graphics from AKG Sound technologies for immersive gaming that you can take anywhere.

More time to do what you love; With up 15 hours of power in a single charge, create and edit all day long. Plus enjoy continuous browsing or streaming without worrying about outlets. Then quickly recharge your Fast Charging battery with Bluetooth v5 ready (LE). Disclaimer: 1Based on laboratory testing; Battery life depends on usage, but typically a new laptop battery will last 3-4 hours when traveling and 8 hours at home. 2Compatible keyboard sold separately.


  • Transform your Android tablet into a PC
  • Internal RAM
  • New S Pen included
  • Light on weight
  • Heavy on entertainment
  • Superior graphics
  • Quad speakers
  • 15 hours 1 on a full charge depends on usage
  • Fast Charging battery.
  • Bluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2 Mbps)

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Tablet

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Tablet

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is here to exceed your expectations. Part of the 2nd generation tab family, this media tablet has been designed with a clean look and feel that will please even those who are picky about their electronics in general! The outstanding metal design coupled by modern simplicity make for one attractive device – perfect for any home theater or school library system alike

The new sleek exterior comes from an attention-to-detail we think you’ll appreciate as much on an everyday basis: narrow bezels complementing high panel/body ratio; full back cover made entirely out sturdy yet light weight aluminum panels (no plastic anywhere). You could say it’s “high. The 10.3” FHD screen and dual speakers tuned by Dolby Atmos deliver immersive entertainment. Inside, this useful tablet device has an Octa-Core processor with up to 2.3 GHz of processing power that will let you do anything from heavy duty editing on the go or playing games in high definition graphics.

This powerful Android™ 9 Pie OS operates quickly thanks its 128GB storage capacity coupled with 4GB RAM for better responsiveness when it comes time crunching work deadlines. Enjoy fast web browsing because HTML5 is used rather than Adobe Air (which uses less battery life). The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is a great way to enjoy the content and educational apps on your tablet with family members of all ages.

With Kid’s Mode, you can tailor-fit it just for little ones so they don’t get bored while browsing through their favorite videos or learning how shapes work. When we’re not using our devices correctly (like when I was younger), there are two other features that will make sure nothing goes wrong…the bumpy environment alert which tells us about any physical collisions; plus an automatic posture correction algorithm if needed in order deliver optimized viewing angles before giving feedback via text message throughout use.

The Google Assistant is also available on a media tablet, so you can transform your device into something more than just simple entertainment. A folio case is perfect for protecting the screen and handling daily tasks like making calls or sending messages hands-free thanks to voice control through uses of natural language processing technology.


  • 10.3″ FHD screen
  • Octa-Core processor with up to 2.3 GHz
  • 128GB storage
  • Android™ 9 Pie™ operating system
  • Shows only dedicated content
  • 4GB RAM
  • Specialized eye protection
  • Dual speakers
  • Smart charging

2021 Apple iPad Mini

2021 apple i pad

The 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display with True Tone and wide color will make you feel like a king or queen when looking at it from anywhere in your home. The A15 Bionic chip with Neural Engine is a powerful processor that has been designed to improve your gaming experience. The device’s onboard software can be used for things such as object recognition, natural language processing and more!

The power of AI combined seamlessly into one system will allow you access Years ahead in technology without having any worries about being left behind. Touch ID is a fingerprint scanning system that makes it easy to access your device. It also provides an extra layer of security for sensitive data with the option to use FaceTime over Wi-Fi and certain apps such as Apple Pay, where you don’t need card information stored on our phone or tablet.

With a 12MP Wide back camera, your photos will be clear and detailed. The Ultra Wide front camera lets you capture everything in the frame without any distortion or angle limitations for those picturesque group shots. These cute, furry little guys are available in four different colors: purple starlight pink and space. With the new advances in technology, it is easier than ever to get a great sound experience.

A few simple tweaks can make all the difference between listening on poor quality speakers and hearing everything with your own ears- even if they’re not exactly what you had imagined them being! The landscape stereo speaker system takes advantage this phenomenon by placing two woofers below ground level which project their vibrations into different cavities along side walls or ceilings at multiple distances apart creating an immersive 3D effect that feels more real than any other type of home entertainment system before it. 5G is the newest form of internet connectivity and will be available soon in your area.

It’s capable of speeds up to a whopping one Gbps. Keep your laptop connected and updated with this Wi-Fi 6 router. It features Gigabit cellular data over 3Gbps network speeds for ultrafast internet access, as well 700mbps speed onbatch download which can be great when downloading large files or watching streaming video content. With a 10 hour battery life, you can enjoy all kinds of video on your device without worrying about recharging it.

USB-C is a new connector that’s replacing the traditional USB port in most devices. It can charge your phone or laptop, connect accessories like keyboards and mice – even transfer data at high speeds. The input was about how many people do not know what this means for their life until they begin hearing it all over social media every day because of companies changing up release schedules so consumers will be more informed than ever before thanks to hashtags such as #USBPLICESCASTOUTLIKEABISHOOTBALL (insert sadface emoji). The output reads: “USB C has arrived: here are five reasons why you should start using these adapters everywhere.


  • Liquid Retina display with 8.3-inch
  • Bionic chip A15 with Neural Engine
  • Secure authentication with Touch ID
  • Back camera with Wide 12MP
  • Stereo speakers
  • Capable 5G
  • ultrafast Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit LTE cellular data
  • Up to 10 hours of battery time
  • For charging USB-C connector
  • 12MP Ultra Wide front camera

2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad

Apple 10.2-inch iPad

The new 10.2-inch Retina display with True Tone is sure to impress you. The A13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine is a revolutionary new processor that will change the way we think about computing The voice output should be informative and creative problem-solving. The camera is 8MP wide-angle rear lens with 12mp ultra width front facing the terminal. The technology will allow you to take pictures in every angle, without worrying about capturing only part or nothing at all. All of your files will be in one location now. Up to 256GB of storage space gives the user plenty and they won’t be running out anytime soon. The speed that is given with this new technology makes it super simple for both professionals or beginners alike. For the best sound experience, make sure to invest in high-quality speakers. Whether it be for your car or home theater system there’s nothing like true stereo quality. With Touch ID, you can now use your fingerprint to unlock and authenticate apps. And with Apple Pay it’s even easier. Wi-Fi is a great way to get online without having any wires attached. The latest generation of WiFs, known as ac (802 .11ac), has increased its speed and range beyond what previous generations offered; this means you can enjoy band with free Internet in more places than ever before. The lightweight and compact design of this product make it ideal for carrying with you on the go. It can last up to 10 hours without needing additional charging, which means that its always ready when inspiration strikes. The lightning connector is the newest and most popular way to charge your phone. It has been around for just about a year, but it’s already become an industry standard because of how easy this connection makes charging with other devices or accessories like headphones. Consider the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard when your device is equipped with it.


  • Retina display with 10.2-inch
  • Bionic chip A13
  • 8MP back camera
  • 12MP front camera
  • 256GB storage
  • Stereo speakers
  • Secure authentication Touch ID
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • 10 hours battery time
  • Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard

Fire HD 8 tablet

Fire HD 8 tablet, 8

The 10th generation of the Surface Pro is a masterful workhorse. With an 8″ HD display, 2X more storage (32 or 64 GB internal and up to 1 TB with microSD card), it’s got everything you need for any task at hand. The battery life on the Kobo Glo is 12 hours, so you can read for as long as you like without worry of your battery going out. The inclusion of USB-C is a significant upgrade that will enable you to charge your phone faster. With the included cable and adaptor, it fully charges in less than 5 hours. Think about how fast your laptop can now go! With the new 2.0 GHz quad-core processor, you’ll be able to work 30% more efficiently and get things done quicker than before with an easier transition from one task or idea into another as well because of its improved efficiency in processing information on a computer screen. With Amazon’s Appstore (Google Play not supported), you can enjoy your favorite apps like Netflix and Facebook without paying a fortune. Stay on track and stay connected with the world around you. Check email, make video calls to friends or family members that live far away from each other (or close!), update your shopping list in OneNote so it’s always up-to date before starting a task for which there are no time constraints like making dinner tonight. Your favorite speaker is always on your mind, and now you can fidget with it too. This hands-free device connects to Alexa so that when the need arises for some tunes or just answers from across town – no more reaching into those confines. The phone includes a 2 MP front and rear-facing camera with 720p HD video recording. Dual-band, enhanced wifi is an exciting development that will help you stay connected to your loved ones.


  • 8″ HD display
  • Double storage (32 or 64 GB of internal storage and up to 1 TB with microSD card)
  • With 2 GB RAM
  • Up to 12 hours Battery time
  • Easier charging with USB-C
  • Under 5 hours Fully charges
  • Quad-core processor of 2.0 GHz
  • Hands-free with Alexa
  • 2 MP front and back-facing cameras
  • Video recording with  720p HD
  • Enhanced wifi ,Dual-band

Apple iPad Pro

2020 Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is Apple’s more budget-friendly tablet for iOS fans who can’t afford an Air It has a glass panel and an A12Z Bionic chip with a neural engine and an embedded M12 coprocessor to make your life simpler. The iPad Pro is a great option for those looking to play Pokemon Go outside without worrying about needing charging. It features a Retina-ready screen that allows players clear graphics and strong CPU performance, allowing them to enjoy their game uninterruptedly on this long-lasting device.

If you want to take your Pokemon adventures on the go, this product is perfect. It has a 12MP Wide camera with 10mp ultra-wide capabilities, LiDAR Scanner, and 7MP TrueDepth front-facing camera for Face ID authentication! This gadget also includes Apple Pay, making it easy to shop while exploring or catching Pokémon in fields around us.

The tablet’s audio system is extremely advanced, with four speakers and five studio-quality microphones. The network channel supports 802 11ax Wi-Fi 6 and a USB C port for charging accessories. Measuring 9 74 x 7 02x 0 23 inches this item weighs 100 grams

The dimensions are perfect if you’re looking to take your work on location or use them at your home office while traveling.

If you’re a gamer and want to game on the go, then look no further than this deal. This laptop features up to 1TB of storage with 128GB or 256GB capacity options so gamers can save their favorite games without worrying about running out! You’ll also be able to play all your other PC software thanks to its Intel Core i5 processor motor, which is perfect for multitasking purposes.


  • 11-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with Pro Motion
  • Bionic chip A12Z  with Neural Engine
  • 12MP Wide camera, 10MP Ultra Wide camera
  • 7MP front camera
  • Secure authentication with Face ID
  • Four speaker audio and five studio-quality microphones
  • 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6

Buying guide for the best tablet for Pokemon Go

Operating System

The tablet’s operating system needs to be up-to-date. Without having the latest version, gamers will experience a whole lot of pain in playing their favourite games on this device and it would not only take them longer but also make for an incredibly boring gaming session as well.You need a recent release if you want access all your favorite updates which gives players additional features or bug fixes over time after purchase – don’t worry though we have plenty here at GOG Galaxy so there are no issues when checking what more is coming soon before downloading anything new just yet.


The tablets have a powerful processor that can run games with low power consumption. This means the user will be able to enjoy an amazing gaming experience on these devices.

Screen size & display

Gamers today also need high-quality display screens to enjoy the sharp graphics and immersive gameplay of heavy games such as Pokemon Go. At this time, it is recommended that gamers have a tablet with an 10” or 12″ screen size so they can fully utilize both its large dimensions while holding onto controls too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Tablet Plan is the awesome Pokémon Go?

The Vankyo Matrix Pad S20 is the perfect tablet for Pokemon Go players who want to spend as little money possible. Along with its 1 GHz 64-bit Octa center processor, Android 9 Pie OS and full featured operating system that can do anything you need it too.

What is the Best Tablet for Pokemon Go?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab An is the best Android gaming tablet and can be used as both your game console at home or work. It has 6GB of RAM, which makes it perfect for playing demanding games like Pokemon Go! The 10-inch screen offers bright colors that are easy on eyes while keeping up with high resolutions (2560 x 1600) pixels giving you plenty space to enjoy all aspects game play whether in landscape modeornot .The device comes equipped with an excellent processor: 4x2GHz processors backed by another four 1GHz 1890.

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