How to Change the Font Size on Kindle E-Readers

Kindle is the most popular name in the market for e-readers. But, in addition to the unlimited stock of e-books and audiobooks, you can also change the font size on Kindle as per your need and interest. So, scroll down to learn how you can do that.

The readers go for online help to change the font size and style because they can’t see setting options on the interface when the book is open. But you can surely choose from various font styles and set different sizes to get a different experience every time you read.

Fortunately, you can follow the same steps to do this on any Kindle e-reader. So, pick up your Kindle and follow the step-by-step guide to enjoy different text styles.

Easy Guide to Change the Size and Style of Font on Kindle

  1. Select an E-book you want to read on Kindle
  2. A single tap on the extreme top of the display
  3. Click on the “Aa” option
  4. Select the Theme of your choice
  5. Go to the “Font” Tab
  6. Tap on the “Layout” option

Select an E-book you want to Read on Kindle

As soon as you turn on your Kindle, you see a list of popular or most-read books. You can choose either or type in the search bar to find any book.

You can also read Newspapers and PDF documents on Kindle E-readers.

A single tap on the extreme top of the display

If you feel the default text style is boring or the size causes strain on your eyes, give a single tap on the top of the interface. You will see a band-type menu where you can choose from options like Go back to Library and Aa.

Click on the “Aa” option.

To change anything in your Font, choose the “Aa” option and set the text style that best suits your eyesight.

Select a “Theme” of your choice

When you click on the “Aa” button, you will see a more detailed menu including Theme, Font, Layout, and More options.

It will default open the Themes’ options; Compact, Standard, and Large. We like the Standard option because it sets the background to provide reasonable text visuals for normal eyesight.

Go to the “Font” Tab

By default, the text is set to Bookerly style of Font. But now, you can click on the next tab, Font, and choose a style of text from Font Family. Then, tap on the right arrow, see the compatible options and choose the one you love.

The next enhancement in the font style is how bold and strong the text you want to read. Keep tapping the “+” Plus sign to set the text to the desired breadth. Also, you can change the text size by clicking on the next Plus sign of the “Size” option.

Tap on the “Layout” option

When you have selected all the options of your choice, click on the Layout tab in the main menu to see the final product. Further, you can change the text orientation between “Landscape” and “Portrait .”Choose either of them in which you are comfortable reading.

Frequently Asked Question

How to change the font size on a PDF on Kindle Paperwhite?

Unfortunately, PDF is a non-editable format of text. That is why you cannot change the font size of the PDF book. To increase or decrease the size of a PDF book, you must use Zoom options with pinch squeeze and broadening.

How to change the font size on Kindle Voyage?

If you are reading an e-book in web format, you must follow the same steps mentioned above. The reason is it is the general method for all Kindle models. So you can change the font size on your Kindle Voyage using the same method.

Why can’t I use the Zoom-in option to read the larger text?

You can use the Zoom-in option to read the larger text. But it will keep the style of the text and the boldness the same.

The reason is, zooming increases the overall size of the page. And thus, it requires sliding right and left to read the complete line. Whereas, if you increase the size by using the “Aa” option, the text automatically moves down, but you still have to scroll more to read the same length.

How can I improve my vocabulary using a Kindle e-reader?

If you double-tap on a word you want to know its meaning, it is highlighted. You get a pop-up box that describes the word in detail. Hence you get a better understanding of whatever you are reading.

Moreover, Kindle lists these lookup words, and you can change the status of these words from “To be learned” to “Master .”In this way, Kindle helps you improve your vocabulary too.


If we summarize the above guide, you can change the font size in no time when you are reading on Kindle. First, you need to open your desired book and tap on the top of the LCD to view the “Aa” option. Then, click on this button and go to the tabs to pick the best options according to your need. Set the size, style, and background for a wonderful reading experience.

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