How To Reset RCA Tablet? In 2022

There are a lot of possibilities whenever you’re using a tablet or any other device in daily work procedures. Your device could either crash without any rational reason, your display could cause discomfort, or your operating system could lag while streaming online or playing high graphics games. Some users want their RCA tablets to be reset whenever these issues appear on the surface. But the major problem is how to properly reset your device without causing much damage to the tablet or any other subject included in the process. This causes unnecessary anxiety and nervousness to a lot of customers online around the world. 

But you don’t have to worry a lot as we have compiled some basic and significantly effective methods to reset your RCA tablet without any major discomfort or damage. There are certainly a lot of methods to reset your tablet but you should choose your process according to the severity of malfunctioning that is caused by the tablet or the amount of risk included with resetting that tablet like a lot of your treasured memories could get erased from visual existence by reset of that certain device. Keeping all of these things in mind, let’s discuss some methods to reset an RCA tablet:

Factory Reset:

There are a lot of reasons to factory reset your tablet. Maybe you want to sell your RCA tablet in the market to a much more suitable client, and you don’t want the user to access all of your personal data existing on that device. On the other side of the situation, a buyer doesn’t also want their newly bought possession to be filled with data that is quite irrelevant. Meanwhile, and unethical to possess as that data was owned by the original user. So, to remove all of these complications, you should factory reset your tablet whenever you want to sell it. Most of the time, a factory reset can solve the problem of the device crashing while performing some loaded task. These are the steps to guide you while factory resetting your tablet:

  • An open the device as you normally do
  • Press the settings menu on the display screen
  • After settings are opened, you will see a list of operable functions
  • Tap on the command that reads “reset and backup” 
  • You can also locate this option in the privacy settings of your tablet
  • Once you have opened that backup and reset option, you can read guidelines on the nature of factory reset
  • If you are satisfied with the actions and consequences of this option, proceed further
  • Click on “Factory Reset Data” and the procedure will start running
  • After your device is reset, reboot it using the power key 
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Windows Operating System:

Most probably, your RCA is a hybrid-designed tablet and it will have a keyboard attached to it. You can use this unique feature to rest your device. For perfect working of that process, ensure that our device is switched off and any external memory source like SD card is removed from your tablet. After all of these pre-rites are completed, you are ready to reset your tablet using the Windows operating system. Following are the steps to follow :

  • Turn on your tablet and hold the fn key and press the F9 key continuously to start the process. 
  • You should keep tapping the F9 key until a dialog box appears with a message to wait 
  • Once the message appears, you are free to let that process of tapping F9 continuously, go
  • After some seconds, an option to “Troubleshoot” might appear
  • Click that option and select the “Reset your PC” option after that
  • You will have 2 options after that, either you should “Remove files” or you could “Clean the drive”
  • Remove files command will manage the storage of your tablet 
  • Clean the drive command will reset your device
  • For resetting the tablet, click on the Reset option

Now leave the keys and commands and let the process work. Don’t interrupt during the process under completion or you might cause more issues. It’s usually a time-consuming procedure and you will have to wait anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. It is usually advised to save all of your important data anywhere save in cloud storage or external memory storage before resetting the tablet or any other device. If your device is reset, great. If it’s still not reset or another issue is caused during the process, immediately ask for expert assistance or visit the customer service center as soon as possible to prevent your RCA tablet from major damage permanently.

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