IPad Pro 2023 Release Date and Specs

Every coming year unveils a more brilliant model of Apple than in previous years. So now that 2023 is about to begin, and Apple enthusiasts are curious about when release date of new iPad Pro is going to be declared.

Although it was already reported by Mark Gurman a year ago that Apple is going to deliver a larger iPad in upcoming years. And now, in the latest tweet, Rose Young announced that Apple is reportedly planning to launch a larger-screen iPad. He also predicted this launch in the first quarter of 2023.

But if we look at history, Apple always declared its latest model in iPads in September or October. So we are expecting it after at least half of the coming year.

Design of Upcoming Model iPad Pro 2023

The latest iPad’s design is expected to have thinner bezels and an Apple logo on the back. In addition, it is a bigger glass logo that can integrate MagSafe technology, which allows wireless charging.

However, we could not authenticate this leak, but if it comes true, this feature will stand as the most grab-it reason for this 14-inch iPad.

Furthermore, the front-facing camera will work in a horizontal orientation.

iPad 2023 Display Size

There is a continuous demand for people to manufacture iPad Pro with a larger screen. And knowing that even the latest one is coming with a lighter bigger display than 14 inches, it would be a great point of controversy.

However, the 14-inches display looks like a giant screen in the family of tablets. But when you consider as the successor of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it is a gradual increase. In contrast, the combination of touch and trackpad input and the introduction of the ProMotion feature is stealing the focus from cons to pros. And it is surely going to become popular among the creative professionals.

Initially, Rose Young showed his doubts about not having any mini-LED or the ProMotion. However, recently he predicted good news to Apple lovers and bloggers about these two pro features. As a consequence of which, people are still expecting more crispy features. Also, they have started scrolling for more updates with curiosity.

Further, it is also rumored about the two versions of the upcoming 2023 iPad; be a Pro and a non-pro. Only the pro version will cover the Pro-motion feature and high-end display.

Also, the latest hearsays informed that Apple is at work for less prone to crushing displays using hybrid OLED. The reason is this technology is best for larger screen devices. So, there may be a chance that the said technology will give its debut in the new iPad 2023.

Price Speculation about Larger iPad

Apple’s high price is not a surprise for people. Its newcomer is always more expensive than its predecessors. So, you must be prepared to pay at least a few more dollars than you have paid for the iPad pro 12.9″.

As it was rumored to be a MiniLED and ProMotion feature enriched, you may speculate more than $1100.

2023 iPad Camera

However, the cameras were rarely the key marketing point of the Apple iPad. That may be why there is no information leakage regarding camera quality and advancement.

Unfortunately, we found a lack of Portrait and Cinematic modes in the previous model. Even most users showed disappointment towards the camera’s versatility. So, we expect these modes to be present in the new iPad 2023. Thus, it is going to be one of the best tablets you can use outdoor.

Further, we will keep you updated if any newer piece of info passes through our eyes.

14-inches Storage Capacity

What to say about the storage of a new 14-inch iPad? The rumors and resources state that it comes with 16GB RAM and internal storage of 512GB. Majin Bu claimed that storage size in one of his tweets.

But on the contrary, the base configuration just arrived with a RAM size of 6GB and internal storage of 128GB. Doesn’t it look uninspiring about the latest Apple models that always lag behind the MacBooks? For instance, if we look at the iPad and iPad Air, they have more boring storage capacity.

That means that Apple is unable to meet the age’s record-keeping requirements when people desire to keep their selfies to business data in one place. People now prefer to keep their business virtually all the time on their car dashboards.

Battery Life of New Apple iPad

According to the price point, we normally find users complaining about the battery life, which is about 8 hours of continuous use. That is why when there is a rumor of a new lineup in the Apple series away from the iPads, we could expect a minimum of 16 hours for which people prefer MacBook Air over iPads.

It is just speculation and expectation with the newcomer, and there is no information received in this regard, which we hope to get in the coming few days.

Operating System of Bigger Screen iPad

Now, if you know that iPadOS has already been publicized, and the next rumors are about the 14-inch iPad Pro 2023 release date, this OS will run the newcomer.

Hardware and Specs in New iPad-2023

Now when we anticipate the chipset to be installed in this Apple 2023, we found the evolution to the M1 chip in iPad Pro 2021, 2022 and iPad Air. However, A14 and A15 processors still exist if we pick anyone from the entry-level iPad and iPad Mini.

So, expecting a minimum M2 chip in the prospected model has somehow a chance of possibility. Moreover, uncertain drips of information also claimed that the new 14-inch iPad would be equipped with M2 SoC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Apple Pencil on iPhone 12?

Unfortunately, no, Apple pencils are not compatible with iPhones. They can work only on iPads, whether pro or non-pro.

Is there a new iPad coming out?

We can suspect a new iPad in the coming year because it is almost like a custom of introducing a new version annually. And many authentic resources have declared at least the arrival of a new model.

What is the exact bigger iPad release date?

It is still a question for us also “when will the next iPad be released.” But we are also continuously striving for reliable information to know at least a month when Apple will launch the iPad.


Everybody is at the peak of curiosity about the larger iPad Pro release date and what better Apple will introduce in 2023.

So we conclude all the gathered information to give you an idea of what you can expect in the new 14-inch iPad.

  • A larger screen size with reduced crushing risk
  • MagSafe Wireless Charging and longer battery life
  • Advanced iPadOS and M2 chip
  • Bigger price tag
  • Greater Storage Capacity