Is 64Gb Enough For IPad?

Whenever someone buys a new iPad, their family and friends suggest purchasing the most updated and highest-performing models. They emphasize the storage, battery health, processing capability, and display quality, among many other features of that iPad. Generally, no one wants to utilize extra budget on their smart devices. So, before finalizing the device, you should rethink and consult some experts. For example, “Is 64GB enough for an iPad?”. In such a scenario, experts or professionals suggest you confirm or cancel your purchase depending on your desires and requirements. 

Is 64GB Enough for the iPad:

There was once a time when storage capabilities were pretty low. At those times, 64 gigabytes was considered almost unlimited storage in a portable device because most devices didn’t have sufficient space. But with time and advancement in technology, data storage of smart devices has approached unseen heights. With high-quality photos, videos, audio, and other sorts of data, storage consumption is one of the major problems worldwide. But still, the question is not very universal and simplified to answer. Therefore, we must look at multiple factors before answering the question. Then, a more precise and accurate solution will provide you with this. 

Following are some of the measures to estimate your data storage requirements:

Images, Videos, and Editing:

Insufficient storage will be a well-known issue if you love clicking pictures or shooting videos. Even though the iPad consists of more than 64, if not 64-gigabyte storage, it is still not enough for professional photography or videography. You will require an additional data storage medium or replace this iPad with another device. Some users take it a step further and plan on using the iPad as their primary editing device. These things require a lot of storage, and you can’t use a 64-gigabyte iPad for professional videography and editing. 

Business and Professional Usage:

You might be delusional if you intend to use a 64 GB iPad for proper business usage. It is enough for small workload purposes and requirements. But professional business management requires much more storage and services than 64-gigabyte storage. For example, you will require numerous more gigabytes of storage to keep your important documents and affiliated projects safe in one place. Sixty-four gigabytes is an introductory storage capability for regular users to enjoy a premium iOS experience. So, you can’t utilize such devices for professional purposes. Most importantly, your business stakes are high, so think twitch before using a 64GB iPad to be used professionally. 

Streaming and Downloading:

Another common type of user is those who either download a lot of content or stream it extensively. You might not feel that 64-gigabyte storage is enough for you if you are such a user. If you still resist using a 64GB iPad for movie streaming or downloading various series, you will have to compromise on image quality. But with low-quality content, experience also decreases gradually. Hence, you should opt for an iPad with more added data storage if you want to stream and download high-quality movies and shows. 

Online Gaming:

Gamers are also notorious for complaining about insufficient space storage. Gamers should usually choose PCs or Laptops for gaming as specialized models are already on the market. Even if you only desire to use an Ipad for this purpose, you should still use a more spacious model. You can easily play high-quality games on a 256-gigabyte iPad with a smooth gaming experience. Online gameplay is still possible on a 64 GB iPad, but real issues arise when you have to download a game to play it further. You can download one or hardly two high-quality games. But having a collection of games on a 64GB iPad is difficult, especially if you are a professional gamer or content creator. 

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Average/Regular Usage:

It is easy to configure whether you are a regular/average user or a power user. You are classified into the power user category if you constantly use your device for specific or multiple tasks. On the other hand, if you seldom use your iPad for proper movie streaming or gaming, check and answer messages and emails, click photos sometimes, congratulations. You are a standard, regular and average user of the device. If you are a regular user, 64 gigabytes is an ideal data storage capability. You can easily enjoy and utilize your 64g iPad for a long period. 

There are a lot of measures to improve and increase the storage capacity of your iPad. You can replace power usage with any other device with a higher storage capacity. You can either completely switch to any other device or partially use it. But there is a new and more efficient way to increase storage in your iPads storage:

Cloud Storage:

You can switch to using cloud storage for more storage requirements of your iPad. It is very comfortable and convenient to access and use. You are stress-free about theft and other cyber issues. Plus, it doesn’t affect the actual storage of your 64GB iPad. Just purchase any package which meets your storage requirements, and you are free to enjoy your device. It is very relaxing and convenient to access remotely from anywhere you want. Data loss is probably impossible from cloud storage because of server backups. 

It is advised to you that you should look for a more mixed usage of local/built-in storage and cloud storage. You can keep the data that is useful and more accessible in your local storage. And the data, which is more important and less utilized, should be placed in cloud storage. This way, your 64GB iPad will remain optimum and fully functional due to sufficient data storage capacity. At the same time, you can keep adding data into cloud storage and utilize it whenever required. 


As you would understand by reading till the end, there is no universal answer to the question “is 64GB enough for an iPad?” it mainly comes down to the usage of users. Sixty-four gigabytes itself is a decent enough storage capacity for most regular users. But if you desire to use your iPad for professional or excessive usage, you might switch to cloud storage. It will free you from switching to additional devices to keep your usage efficient and uninterrupted. There is always professional guidance and help available to you from experts. Thanks for reading. 

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