Kindle Voyage vs. Kindle Paperwhite Best E-Reader 2023

Although Voyage and Paperwhite are two of the most popular e-readers in the Amazon Kindle Series, why people prefer the latter over the prior is the recently encountered question. To answer this query, we compiled content on Kindle Voyage vs. Kindle Paperwhite to give several reasons for its superiority.

All Kindle e-readers are uncomplicated, dependable, and ideal palm-sized devices to carry thousands of books. Moreover, due to its long-lasting battery, you can take your Kindle library to the beach or the park. They are popular for reading online newspapers and magazines.

Similarly, in Kindle Voyage vs. Paperwhite, both models reported a minimum of six weeks of battery life on a single charge. And the contest will draw based on screen size also. The reason is these two digital readers have a 6-inch display.

But, now the time has started where All New Paperwhite is leading with greater internal storage and larger display.

However, both of the Kindles are quite similar in features and aesthetics, but we will decode the differences to help you decide which you should buy. Despite the differences, both devices are recommendable digital readers to be used in the daylight or at night hours.

Let us start Paperwhite vs. Voyage Kindle from the most prominent variances to in-depth technical specs.

Kindle Paperwhite vs. Voyage Spec Summary

SpecsKindle Paperwhite 2022Kindle Paperwhite KidsKindle Paperwhite Signature EditionKindle Voyage
Screen Size6.8”6.8”6.8”6”
Resolution300 ppi300 ppi300 ppi300 ppi
Internal Storage8 GB or 16GB8GB32GB4GB
ConnectivityWifi 2.4GHzWifi 2.4 GHzWifi 5 GHzWifi
Front LightYesYesYesYes
Battery Life10 Weeks10 Weeks10 Weeks6 Weeks

Display and Screen Size Kindle Paperwhite vs. Voyage

The New Paperwhite is a significant improvement over the previous model. The screen now matches the Voyage’s 300 PPI resolution. This resolution implies that the writing is sharper and smoother, which is always excellent for the reader.

When going to a darker area, the Voyage’s display also gains from a dynamic front light, which gradually lowers the brightness more than the Paperwhite.

But regarding screen size, the New Paperwhite has got a 6.8″ display which, as a result, reduces the scrolling.

Kindles Design Comparison

In terms of design, the Kindle Voyage is a significant improvement over the Paperwhite. The plastic back has been swapped with a quality magnesium material. Also, it has been diced up with some noticeable lines to give the device an angular appearance.

At the same time, the small form factor and 180g weight make this item a joy to handle. It’s the most stylish Kindle yet, and unquestionably the finest e-reader on the market.

There’s just something about the Paperwhite’s durability that keeps us curious. You can throw it in your luggage, and it will live; give it to the children, and the harm appears minimal.

Lastly, even in the latest and costly variants of Paperwhite, it lacks page-turn buttons.

Voyage and Paperwhite Weight Comparison

The next quick, noticeable difference is the weight of the two Kindles. However, when you pick them at a time, you will only feel that Paperwhite is a bit heavier than Voyage.

It is also obvious from the slimmer design of the Voyage and the smaller size than Paperwhite that the Kindle Voyage is lighter in weight.

However, people do not call the Paperwhite a bulky e-reader. But a decrease in weight is always appreciated when it comes to an on-the-go gadget.

Kindle Paperwhite vs. Kindle Voyage Storage

Both the above Kindles were found the same when we looked at the cloud storage, 3G, and WiFi options. But the All New Paperwhite came with double the internal storage capacity of Kindle Voyage.

However, 8GB of Paperwhite needs to be improved compared to tablets and smartphones. But it means a lot when it comes to the e-readers market. The reason is 1GB can serve about 1000 e-books.

Then finally, Paperwhite improved, making the most expensive Signature Edition with 32GB internal storage, which a Voyage can never think of. 

Price Comparison Kindle Voyage vs. Paperwhite

Being an advanced variant of Paperwhite, the Voyage has a bigger price tag of around $200. Even if you consider getting its used item online, that will also cost higher than Kindle Paperwhite.

On the other hand, you can easily get an ordinary Paperwhite for between 100 to 150 dollars. The price varies due to the model or PPI difference, as the New Paperwhite and Paperwhite Kids have the same PPI of 300 as Kindle Voyage.

But when you think of a premium e-reader, Paperwhite Signature Editions costs around 230 dollars.

Kindle Paperwhite vs. Voyage Battery

Both devices could go for about 45 days on a one-time charge. So it took time to decide based on the battery life of either of the Kindle.

Thanks to Paperwhite’s latest versions which promised to survive for four more weeks than the older models.

It may last longer if you only read on it daily or for less than thirty minutes. But if you use it many hours a day, the battery will die earlier than six weeks.

Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite PDF Experience

Amazon’s Kindle Voyage digital reader is the best of the lot and will set the bar for dedicated e-readers. Moreover, the glass screen has been “micro-etched” to prevent radiation, and some users swear it almost feels like paper.

In addition, the reading light, like the Paperwhite, is cast onto the text instead of providing a backlight like a desktop. As a result, it adapts to the surroundings and enables your eyes to grow used to the light. Thus, Paperwhite gives a wonderful PDF reading pleasure.

Kindle Paperwhite vs. Voyage Backlight

Here with the improved backlight, I will pick the Voyage ever. It also has a brighter display than Paperwhite. Furthermore, the most appealing feature is auto-brightness adjustments.

When you have opted for the brightness automatically, it will respond to the surrounding lights. So, if you are reading at night with lights off, it will adjust the brightness to exert minimum strain on your eyes.

Additionally, you can adjust the brightness manually because all eyes are different.


It is clear from the above comparison that in the battle of Kindle Voyage vs. Kindle Paperwhite, the second took the flag at home due to double internal storage and a larger reading area.

In contrast, the Kindle Voyage has an anti-reflection coating and a beautiful flush glass screen. Moreover, it is lighter and thinner than Paperwhite. Hence it has a more appealing and handy design to hold for more hours.

But on the price point of Voyage vs. Paperwhite Kindle, you will have to pay about $80 more for the first one. But the overall difference is not worth the 80 dollars even though Paperwhite offers greater book stock.