Krita vs Photoshop: Editing Software Comparison

Photoshop has been participating in digital artwork for decades now, and it’s already established as an important pillar of digital artwork today. Similarly, Krita has also been in the game for several years, and it has taken part in revolutionizing digital artwork. So by keeping these facts in check, it is easy to have a Krita vs photoshop: editing software comparison. There are several similarities in both editing software, yet there are some differences too. All of these similar and different features combine to form an interesting comparison between both software.  

The main differing factor among both software is the access of users and distinguishing features. Photoshop is mainly used for more in-depth editing and variations in the original image. Most of the users of Krita utilize it for digital paintings, artwork, and animating creative frames. You can use most of the features of Krita for free as it is open-source software. In order to use advanced tools and features in Photoshop, users usually have to pay a certain amount as a subscription fee. 

Krita vs Photoshop: The Comparison

we have introduced both applications to you with basic differences in each software. We would have to dive deeper into the functional and non-functional attributes of both software; this will help us understand which one is better. The problem mainly arises that an average reader or user is enabled to find many significant differences in Krita vs photoshop comparison. This leads to confusion and unclarity in deciding which editing software is best. We have resolved this issue by providing a brief yet informative comparison below. 

Following are the compared features in Krita vs photoshop:

Accessibility and Portability:

When we discuss the accessibility and portability of both software, it is quite similar and relative. Both editing software is available on various user platforms. You can either download Krita and photoshop on windows, iOS, Android, and some other alternatives too. This allows users to easily pick their editing device and install Krita or photoshop to start working on their project. 

System Requirements:

Since the portability and accessibility of both software are pretty compatible and diverse, we can move more toward the system requirements. Krita is relatively simpler in terms of systematic requirements. Users can use it on most moderate devices with ease. But if you plan to use photoshop with competitor tools and features, there are certain system requirements you will have to fulfill. 


Most editors consider program subscriptions of software while comparing both editing applications. In this regard, Krita has an advantage in that you can readily use most of the features and tools for free. Photoshop has paid subscriptions for complete access to editing tools and useful features. You can decide whether you want to use Krita for free or enjoy the premium features of photoshop. 

Editing Features:

Since both are editing software, we should compare both of them on the basis of their editing tools and features. The editing ability of Krita is great, and you can edit most of your artwork projects very easily using it. But if you want an innovative and advanced editing setup, photoshop is the key for you. It features three-dimensional artwork, too, which can be highly useful during futuristic animations and models. 

Artistic Skill:

We have discussed many functional and non-functional features in Krita vs photoshop. There is another useful capability that allows direct comparison of both software in an unseen yet interesting way. The artistic skill or ability of the user also determines which software would be more suitable for them. Krita is a great editing software for digital artwork and sketching. Similarly, photoshop would be more useful for artistic tool combinations and complex artwork. 

DomainDigital art, photography editingAnimation, 3D image creation
PricingFree to use 19 to 20.99 dollars 
Supported PlatformsOS, Windows, macOS, LinuxmacOS, Windows, Android, iOS
Editing Tools Basic and easy to apply Diverse and complex 
Skill Demand Beginner friendly Professional 

Krita vs Photoshop: Advantages and Benefits

We have mentioned how each editing software consists of unique and distinguishing characteristics. These functional and non-functional features in Krita vs photoshop comparison play an important role. Most users are unaware of the advantages provided by each software to reduce added efforts and increase creativity. We consulted many professional editors to guide us about the benefits and advantages of both applications. 

Following are some of the main benefits of software in Krita vs photoshop comparison:

Benefits Of Photoshop:

  • Instead of sticking to the basic and beginner editing options, there are professional tools. 
  • Users can craft anything they imagine with hundreds of editing options with unlimited combinations. 
  • With basic editing and enhancement filters, you can also manipulate images as per your desire to create great masterpieces. 
  • Most digital creations desire abundant editing options to switch professional efficiency, and photoshop readily provides such features. 
  • Photoshop isn’t a regular editing software; you can also use it by integrating other supporting applications. 

Benefits Of Krita:

  • It is an open-source editing software created to be used freely by users. 
  • It is a very easy-to-use application with a beginner-friendly interface and functionality. 
  • There is a huge collection of editing tools like brushes, paints, blending filters, etc. 
  • You can use each tool individually or combine the effects of more than one tool for editing. 
  • It is a free application with no premium subscriptions for an affordable approach to editing. 
  • There are many featured tools for digital artists to create unique and more creative designs. 

Krita vs Photoshop: Drawbacks and Limitations

Like any other object in the digital world, there are a lot of benefits and drawbacks in the Krita vs photoshop comparison, which combines to form the characteristics and individuality of both software, respectively. An average person utilizes these applications and overlooks drawbacks. These limitations are well explained by professional editors. We have collected these disadvantages and mentioned them in a thoughtful manner. 

Following are some of the drawbacks and limitations of the Krita vs photoshop comparison:

Drawbacks Of Photoshop:

  • It is very difficult to learn for a beginner; you require professionalism and a high skill level to photoshop at its full potential. 
  • The exported projects of photoshop after editing are large in size. This creates added disadvantages when sharing digital artwork with other platforms. 
  • There are frequent updates in photoshop, which lead to unwanted bugs and interruptions during the usage of editing software. 
  • The premium tools and features of photoshop are mostly paid, and the subscription charges are not affordable to everyone. 
  • You might have to install other supportive applications in order to complete the editing procedure. 

Drawbacks Of Krita:

  • Krita is basically an open-source software which means it lacks sufficient developer support in case of any issue. 
  • It is relatively less portable and lacks multi-platform usage as compared to photoshop. 
  • It doesn’t acquire advanced and futuristic features for complex and three-dimensional art projects. 
  • This is a beginner to moderate-level editing software; if you are a professional, you might switch to more premium applications. 
  • Unlike Photoshop, it doesn’t have an elongated list of features and filters. Also, the independent structure of Krita doesn’t allow proper integration with other applications. 


We have successfully completed the Krita vs photoshop: editing software comparison. Hopefully, now you will be able to select which editing software is more suitable for you. Conclusively photoshop is more diverse, integrated software, but it has paid subscriptions. Krita is open-source software with a user-friendly approach to functionality, but it lacks professional features. Now, you can finalize your preferred software and continue creating unique and artistic projects. You are always encouraged to consult a professional editor in case of any confusion regarding the Krita vs photoshop comparison. Thanks for reading. 

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