Microsoft Surface Pro X Vs Surface Pro 7: Which Is Better?

Microsoft has recently introduced the tablet and laptop hybrids in the market, which started the best debate among surface pro 7 vs. surface pro x. Both products are relatively new in the marketplace and hold a lot of beneficial innovations. Both surface pro 7 and surface pro x consist of the windows ten operating system, redefining the operating services and abilities of electronic devices. Comparing these products is quite understandable since both products are quite similar and relative. 

Discussion and comparison of such futuristic devices are quite difficult for new users and beginners as it requires expertise in the marketplace and decent knowledge of technological evolution. But an average reader finds it difficult to understand distinguishing factors among such high-quality products. You don’t have to stress this issue as we have sorted the introductions, features, and comparisons of Microsoft surface pro 7 and surface pro x. Just sit back and read as we unfold the detailing knowledge related to both products. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7:

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The latest Microsoft surface pro 7 comprises complete access to Microsoft operating services with US authorizations. The display is huge and amazingly smooth and sensational. The display screen size is 12.3 inches, which is very large compared to another tablet. This huge screen provides a better visual experience for the viewers, even in low lights. The processing abilities are also great due to the Intel i7 processor. As a result, the device is incredibly fast and provides a lag-free user experience to buyers. In addition, the Microsoft surface pro 7 includes much elite supportive software and year-long extended protection featured by the manufacturers. 


Following are the mentioned features of the Microsoft surface pro 7:

  • Storage 256GB 
  • Screen 12.3 inches
  • Color Platinum 
  • Weight 1.74 pounds
  • Resolutions 2736 x 1824
  • Ram 16GB 
  • Pros:
  • Portable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Recommended for office work 
  • Cons:
  • Shuts down after excessive usage 
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Microsoft Surface Pro X:

Microsoft Surface Pro X

The ultimately sleek and smooth Microsoft surface pro x is another high-class product in the marketplace nowadays. The tablet/laptop hybrid features Qualcomm SQ2 1.80 GHz processor, which enables superb processing abilities and working mechanisms for the users. The highlight of this device is the larger storage readily available for buyers. The Microsoft Surface Pro X features 16GB RAM with 256GB hard drive storage to hold many of your essential documents in a portable state. The screen is measured to be thirteen inches with pixel sense touch and the best image formation on display for reading manga. In addition, the Adreno 685 graphics processor provides sensational gaming and streaming experience. 


Following are the mentioned features of the Microsoft surface pro x:

  • Storage 256GB
  • Screen 13 inches 
  • Color Black 
  • Weight 3.3 pounds 
  • Resolutions 2880 x 1920 
  • Ram 16GB
  • Pros:
  • Large and vibrant display 
  • Great storage capability
  • Efficient network connectivity 
  • Cons:
  • Require keyboard and mouse for PC mode 
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Comparison Between Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Microsoft Surface Pro X:

Comparing both tablet/laptop hybrids is unseen as general reviewers consider both the same model with slight variations, but that is not accurate. Nevertheless, there are several significant comparative properties in both devices. To further understand the readers, we have distributed comparisons of both devices into easy and understandable passages. 

Following are the comparative features of Microsoft surface pro 7 and surface pro x:


The processing ability of the tablet is one of the crucial features and affects the smoothness and performance of the device. The Microsoft surface pro x features a Qualcomm processor, which is remotely based on mobile phone processors. On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface pro 7 features an intel i7 processor, which comes with variations for different prices in the market. Hence, for general users, pro x is better and easy to use as compared to the processor of pro 7. 

Battery Life:

Battery storage and health affect the user experience as it determines the longevity and reliability of the device. The relationship between battery life and the reliability of the tablet is considered to be directly proportional. The Microsoft surface pro 7 features ten hours of battery life which is decent compared to many other tablet/laptop hybrids on the market. But, if you want longer and more precise battery health, you should consider the Microsoft Surface pro x, as it generally features thirteen hours of battery usage. 


The style and outlook of the device are very important since it plays a significant role in attracting customers and marketing by the manufacturers. For example, the design of the Microsoft Surface Pro X is much more futuristic and sleeker and features a better display than previous models. On the other hand, the outlook of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is usually considered to be a standardized look and design of a surface model by the brand. Hence, it depends upon the user’s personal preferences to select a more standardized or innovative design for purchase. 


The device’s storage capability plays an important role in smooth processing and output delivery for the users. Both tablets feature 256GB storage, but they differ in expandable storage. The Microsoft Surface pro 7 features expandable storage, which can lead up to one terabyte. But due to ease of storage upgradation, the Microsoft surface pro x is considered more helpful and comfortable for new users and professionals. But the processing abilities of both devices are similar despite their different storage. 


The product’s price and the buyers’ budget play an important role in determining better options for users. Most users prefer less costly products, but the quality of the device is the actual scale to consider the price per value of such a gadget. For example, the cost of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is relatively less than that of the Microsoft Surface pro x. But pro x carries multiple features and innovations at higher prices. Hence, it depends upon your budget and cost-bearing ability to finalize which tablet/laptop hybrid is more preferred and praised by users. 


Microsoft Surface pro 7 and surface pro x are great products featured simultaneously by Microsoft. There is no discrimination between both devices, and you can buy any product without thinking twice about the decision. To further elaborate for the readers, we suggest considering the Surface Pro 7 if you have a limited budget and the Microsoft Surface pro x if you desire a more innovative and enhanced device. The key factor here is the buyer’s budget since both gadgets are relatively similar in many measures. Consult experts for further guidance and a detailed comparison of both products. Thanks for reading. 

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